Double Payment On Curve App, not double charged

Did my First payment using Curve yesterday!

All went well through samsung pay, using the samsung card but the curve app is currently showing this payment twice.

As the below screenshot shows, in the wallet and insights tabs it shows 2 different payments (interestingly, both have the initial tags and receipt photos I added), but on the timeline view (I’m not allowed to upload a second photo), only the one transaction is shown.

I haven’t been charged twice, but this issue ultimately makes the curve app pretty useless. I’d hoped to be able to use it to expand on the offering Santander gives (I.e. here’s what you spent vs. Curve’s categorisation etc.) But if it doubles each purchase, it’s going to be no good to me…

Hey @Stilli sorry for missing this! That’s strange, I haven’t seen this happening before. First, I’d recommend you delete and re-install your app. There might be an update that fixes this display issue.

If not, could you please get in touch with our support team at They can get more info and pass it on to the relevant team to investigate.

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