Double transaction on destination card with just one transaction on Curve

Have you been facing this before?

Used an ATM once, one transaction in Curve wallet, same amount twice on destination card ( debit card). Timestamps differ and are almost 2 days apart, amount is exactly the same.

Curve support doesn‘t answer for almost 2 days, sends me to get data from the ‚merchant‘ which is a regional bank (providing the ATM). After having spoken to the bank they will need a letter (yes, snail mail) from the card issuer requesting for in-depth data. I‘m lost, I guess.

What would you do?

It happened to me once. I contacted Curve support and they reverted the duplicate transaction immediately (took about a day since I sent the ticket).

They’ve been very busy with a huge ticket backlog since the Wirecard incident, so you can try to answer with “urgent” to your ticket to push it up the queue if it’s urgent or try to contact @AskCurve on Twitter.

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