Double transaction

Hi all

I hope some one can shed some light please as I have two questions I need help with regarding my curve metal card

First I tried to use contactless and no matter where I put the card it will not work ?

Second I made a transaction in Tesco yesterday 30th and all went through ok and now today the 1st another transaction for the same amount has been taken I contacted customer service but been asked for the decline receipt but obviously don’t have one as it went through fine

About your second question, I have also a similar experience but for an online transaction. I used curve to top-up my mobile sim-card and everything was OK (July 28th). Next day, in the morning, I saw a notification from curve saying that I have been charged again for the same purchase. I contacted the support and they told me the second one is processed offline and the first one should be automatically reversed (in 3-5 working days). Surprisingly, both the transactions are now shown processed on my credit card statement (after around 3 days). The point is that Curve, instead of releasing the first payment, has claimed it as a successful transaction. Maybe it wants to start a refund process at a later moment! I had never experienced such a thing before using different credit/debit and even prepaid cards. It seems that Curve still has some serious bugs in its processing system (@Curve_Josh).
See this: Double charge on card from what was meant to be a refund causing overdraft charges
Anyway, I am still waiting to see what happens in the next few days.

Anyway, the questions were posted on July 1st and no one has answered yet! @matthew.ivo

Hey guys, sorry for missing this post! Firstly, I’d like to welcome both of you to the Community :grin:

I hope I can provide some clarity on this. When you make a purchase, the merchant first sends us a message that you owe them money. Due to the way Curve processes transactions, we charge the money from your underlying card immediately and the merchant has up to 7 days to take the money from us.

If the merchant doesn’t claim the money within 7 days, then we automatically return it to you. However, sometimes the merchant sends an Offline transaction to claim the money before 7 full days have passed. This results in the transaction being charged twice.

As mentioned, the transaction that isn’t captured should reverse automatically within 7 working days. If you get in touch with our support team they can sometimes speed this process up for you too.

I understand it’s not the most straight forward process but unfortunately we have no control over merchants sending offline transactions. But, I have flagged this with our team so that they can work on how to improve these situations going forward.

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So, normally merchant should only send offline transaction after 7 days? Is that some kind of visa/mastercard rule?
I have encountered few offline transactions myself in past but cant remember if they were when using Curve.
As I understand, normally offline transaction happen only when something was tehnically not right with “online” transaction, for example, I paid with card in supermarket, purchase went thru, but transaction was nowhere to be found in statement and balance did not change. It corrected itself only later (days) as “delayed transaction”.
So far everything was correct with balance after that.

I’m having the same problem, except I was charged twice by paypal at the same time (not next-day) and after 20 days I still haven’t received the refund for the second transaction.

Curve support is not getting back to my emails and the only answer I got was 14 days ago saying that in fact paypal had cancelled the first payment.

Still no refund.

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Having the same issues being charged twice for one transaction and curve won’t respond

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Glad this isn’t just me.

I’m getting frustrated by lack of curve support! To the point I’ve stopped using the card for the majority of my transactions now. Excluding fx fees

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Just happen to me, hope I get the money back

Same for me. Curve owes me over 400€ since 20 days. No help by the support team.

Hi there. My first week using the card and I have been charged 3 times by Curve for one transaction (twice on a Lloyds account and as I tried out the Go Back in time option once on my Monzo account). So in total my £15.60 transaction has been charged at £46.80. I have messaged support but wanted to raise it on here as well as there seems to be a major bug (this was an Amazon Transaction)

Please fix this!!! :confused:

Hi all,

Same problem here. We went to a restaurant with friends, payed approx 30 EUR on 24th April. Now on 11th May I check my ban account for something and the same transaction was made by Curve (same restaurant in the description). Plus now the original 30 EUR transaction is displayed as a 60 EUR transaction for 24th April.
Tried to contact Curve, no response yet.

The same thing happening to me. Curve owes me 32,26 euro. Payment made on 23rd of April, charged again on 1st of May, money returned, and charged for a third time on 11th of May. Shown on both cards (Curve and underlying) as charged, money taken off. I call this a theft.

Same thing happened to me a month ago, for a smaller amount and I am not sure they returned the money back either. I have actually contacted a seller about this transaction and they checked with the national banking system and what happened on the system and what curve had done clearly doesn’t match up.

Support claims everything is in order.

How and where can we escalate this issues to? I am on the verge of make a formal complaint with the financial ombudsman in the UK.

For me, there has been double charges when using Curve in past, but it always resolved either automatically or via contacting support & waiting.

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Hey, it’s great to see some new faces on the Community, @GARAB and @walkingblind. :grin:

Have these transactions been automatically corrected for you by the system for you both yet?

If you’d like to raise a complaint then you should first contact our complaints team at as they’ll be happy to review your entire experience and will compensate you appropriately. If you’re still unhappy with their review then you can escalate this with an external body if you still feel this is necessary.

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Hello Joel,

Yes, corrected, now everything is fine, now after numerous re-reading I’m starting to understand this offline transaction thing also and why ‘double charge’ can happen.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @Curve_Joel, thanks for the greeting :slight_smile: No, it hasn’t fixed for me yet. Support claims there were three events in my case: authorisation, authorisation reversal and capture. At all three events I was charged, like money taken away from my account (on my card those events are charged, charged and returned at the authorisation reversal event, which I believe is the bug, that is causing those issues, charged again). I sent screenshots of e-mails from my underlying card about all three “purchases” I made to Shangar from support, but he keeps ignoring me :slight_smile:. However, on reddit people complain about double transactions or messy returns, while using curve so I guess the double charge issue is not insignificant and should be looked into. I should add I have been using curve since 23rd of Dec and have been double charged or declined and charged three times while using curve. One corrected by curve, second I am really not sure, but if I had to guess based on what I see in both apps, I would say not returned, and now this. It surely doesn’t look good.

Ah ok, so your underlying card is the one, in that case I wouldn’t be too sure this is solely a Curve issue.
GBiT for example on a card is also a messy operation, where refunds look like a charge, but when checking the total balance everything is just fine. And I remember a refund issue involving Curve and

Where one that topic I told that for me on one occasion a refund only showed up a month later:

I am just off the chat with support (curve should take a note here). They’ve checked my previous declined and charged transaction and actually the card was charged twice and returned once. All good. However, the last one, the one for 32,26 eur, that I am complaining about, was indeed charged exactly as I’ve been describing. So charged, charged and returned, and charged again. All of this in a span from 23rd of April until 11th of May. All of the transactions are settled, nothing in pre-authorised state. So should I go after vendor or after curve?