Double Transactions 23.1.2020

Everyone will get their money back from the double charges today. We are working on reversing all duplicated transactions, which will be implemented shortly. The issue with our processing partner was fixed by 13:25 today. We will do a full retro and share what we’ve learned.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. No one will be left out of pocket, do contact us in urgent situations. This is not the level of service we aspire to provide you, we are doing everything in our power to ensure it won’t happen again.


Sorry to say that, but your processing partner’s service is highly unreliable.

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Good evening, I am among those who have had a double registration and double debit operation from the reference bank, we hope it will be resolved soon, thanks. Sergio Italy

Hey Sergio!

The team are working on refunding any affected customers, if you’ve not gotten the refund by mid-next week, drop the support team a message and they’ll get it sorted!


Anyone else getting this? Since this morning all my transactions have been double-authed. I have checked in my underlying card account as well (but not contacted them - just seen on online statement).

One was chip/pin, one was contactless.


Yes I’ve just seen this for an online transaction this morning. Double-charged to the underlying card but my available Curve Card limit suggests only one has gone through so am hoping the second will fall off.

@Curve_Marie @CurveJake @Curve_Josh - might be worth sending out a notification to users re this problem…

Just received a notification. :point_down:t2:

If you would like to receive (future) notifications too, I suggest you subscribe just like me, by pressing the subscribe button on the page below. :point_down:t2:

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Thanks both.
The double auth is on the curve app and the underlying card. Not using curve cash so not affecting any curve ‘balance’.

I have subscribed to that incident update.

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Known issue at the moment.

If you have subscribed Curve notifications with mobile number, how can you unsubscribe the notifiacations?

I got hit by this issue early in morning. I guess, issue was not acknowledged by then, support told me that “double charge happened becouse merchant sent us multiple transaction requests, which meant Curve unknowingly processed the payments”.

When contactless payments was introduced in my country there was discussion how safe are they, people were sceptical at first and then we were told that it is safe and were demonstrated that merchant can only get payment 1 time per transaction and for another payment there should be manual steps done by merchant.
As we seen today due to some technical issues multiple payments are possible. :open_mouth:
Hope it is permanently fixed now and wont happen again.

I don’t think Curve can guarantee that it will never happen again as they use a third party payment processor, over which they have no control.

I was double charged in the summer in a British airways flight

And that was last year
It still happen in 2020

@hup: Was it Curve card or other card?

I’ve had a double charge this morning 10:42am, two shown in Curve and two in Monzo.

The Curve have the same timestamp on both, whilst the second duplicate is 30mins later in Monzo.

Yes, it was same for me: ~30min later second duplicated in underlaying card’s app (not Monzo).

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Yes i used my curve card

Shouldn’t everyone be credited today by the amount debited?

I’m not a member of staff, so I don’t know how long the refund process or how big the issue was… so im just trying to help!