Double / Tripple Dipping

I love collecting rewards and points, especially airline points. My main card is my Virgin Atlantic Reward+ card which I signed up for whilst Virgin were still offering the spend bonus. I use this card in place of my debit card and pay off each month to maximise the rewards value! On average, £700 goes through my Curve card a month. Some spend goes directly on my Virgin card if I need the purchase protection.

Maximising on the points and rewards, my Virgin card is linked to my Curve Metal card with my biggest retailer spends as my cashback choice. These also happen to include Tesco and Sainsbury’s where I buy my fuel. So filling up with fuel at one of the above gets my Virgin Flying Club Miles, Curve cashback and Tesco Clubcard Points or Nectar points. A tripple dip :+1:

Whilst the rewards are no where near like you get in the US, every little helps. Just need the option to get Avios or Virgin miles as a Curve cash option.

Happy dipping :grin:

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Great idea curve metal retailer list looks limited so Is the list not exhaustive?

Don’t spend much at any on the list but Tesco or Waitrose would be useful

You can also select from the international list … I have Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Aldi which covers most of my supermarket and fuel spend, B&Q for DIY … was quite impressed by the stores available :+1:

Great thanks considering metal now will have to pay to send money to HMRC - still worth it