Doubt on refund

Hello all,
I would have not even posted this thing here if would have happened in only one card because I doubted was Curve fault at first… But have it already in 3 underlying card and I think is weird. Issue is when Curve refund an amount I do see the amount in Curve, I do see the amount in the total amount of my other underlyning card but I do not see in the list of transactions of the underlying card the refund. Is that something that anyone else have noticed ? At first I thought it depended on the underlying card but 3 out of 3 is a weird coincidence. Anyone else ?

If the transaction was PENDING on your underlying card and refund occurred, it will simply get removed from your underlying card account and will not show on your card statement. It will however still show in Curve timeline.

From my experience, it take a few days for it to show in the underlying card. For the card I use, the refund end up showing on the same date of the original transaction after a few days waiting. But it maybe slightly different from one card issuer to another I would imagine. How many days have you been waiting?

I’ve always found refunds take much much longer (3+ days) to show up on the underlying card vs pretty much instant for charges. As @cnchan asks how long has it been since the refunds were processed @Bionicecho?

From 09,13 and 15 of January

Would have at least expected the 9th to be through by now, if not all of them. Worth emailing support to chase up.

Hey @Bionicecho

As other members have said above, it would be best to contact support as they can investigate what’s happened with your refunds. They’ll be able to have the proper insight there with the visibility of your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

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