Downgrade dal piano metal al piano curve-x

Se passo dal piano metal a piano curve-x mi verrà mandata la carta curve-x o potrò tenere la carta metal ma con i limiti del piano curve-x?

Ciao @Aledowngrade, benvenuto in Community! :smiley:

Fai richiesta al supporto di mantenere la tua metal con i privilegi della X.

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If you’re downgrading your Curve Metal card within the first 6 months of being a Curve Metal user then you’ll be charged a £50/ €50 card fee. This is used to cover the cost of manufacturing your Curve Metal cards. If you downgrade after the 6 months period has passed then you won’t have to pay this card fee as your subscription payments have covered the cost of manufacturing.
Either way, you’ll be able to continue using your Metal Curve card until it expires after downgrading. :smile:

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