Downgrading account

Hi all,

I see the banner at the top of the page and I’ve also had an email about the issues with customer services, however I’ve been trying to downgrade my account prior to the automatic renewal on the 22nd since the 7th of October and have tried multiple times and through multiple avenues to get this sorted (and now this as you can see) but I’ve not had 1 response.

This is far cry from the dream state, regardless of where you are in the process and any charges to my card I will be looking to be refunded. Can someone please get in touch with me ASAP to get this resolved.


Hey @Guybrush,

This is the Community not the Support Helpdesk. Community Moderators cannot access customer accounts. We can only help with issues/questions that are not account related.

I would recommend you contacting the social media team via twitter @AskCurve or use the HelpDesk Ticket form.

Depends on how long you are subscribed to Metal there is a 50£ fee for unsubscribing due to manufacturing costs of the metal card.

*The chance that a Curve Support Team member sees your post here is low.

You shouldn’t use ‘ASAP’ when dealing with Curve support. As Soon As Possible for Curve support means probably “a couple of months” :joy: