Downgrading from Curve X to Curve Standard

Attracted by the Crypto Rewards, last week I decided to switch from the Curve Standard plan to Curve X for only 2,49 €. A few minutes later I realized that the Crypto Rewards cashback are just for the offers in the rewards tab, and not for every purchase with the card. So I decided to downgrade back to my previous plan.

The only problem is that the downgrade will happen next month, so I cannot see my standard Curve plan in the app, but for now only the Curve X is displayed. I can however still use my previous Curve Card for paying online, but in shops I got rejected using Apple Pay.

What will happen next month when the downgrade will complete? Will I be able to fully use my Curve Standard Card that I already have since one year and Curve with Apple Pay, or Curve will send me a new Curve standard card?

Does someone know more about downgrading from Curve X to standard?