Downgrading in the app just takes me to the contact form?


I have decided to downgrade from Curve Metal to Curve Blue.

Yet when I go into the app, I confirm I want to downgrade and it doesn’t do anything apart from open up the Contact Us form.

Is this the intended behaviour? It’s really not a very sensible way of doing things. The process should be automatic and completed almost instantly in the app!

Either way, I sent the request to downgrade so hopefully somebody at Curve will actually pick up my request and do something about it…we can hope!


Hi @andyk, this is the intended behaviour. Right now it’s not possible to downgrade automatically in the app so you’ll need to get in touch with our support team.

I get that it’s adding extra steps to the process but it’s the only way to downgrade at the moment.

As well as extra steps, the real problem is that you simply aren’t processing my downgrade.

Why can’t Curve just reply to an email!?

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I have waited over a week for the same with no response


As usual with Curve, the initial response is fast but they never just do what you ask. They always want more information, which you provide quickly - followed by Curve then completely ignoring you forever more…

Customer service really is terrible :frowning:

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100% I was a really strong advocate of Curve asking friends to sign up and really brought in to the ethos of the product. Recently I have had nothing but problems and when you do get an answer from Customer support say for a refund you have been waiting for the attitude is one of wait for your money and keep waiting you will get it eventually :disappointed:

Hope they downgrade you with effect from the date of your initial contact and not by the time they finally finish the back-and-forth with you.

They had better do!

It’s not my fault they’re incompetent when it comes to providing support…

Hi Hannah I have been trying to downgrade my card for over a week now I responded to the message that came up then received an email asking that I confirmed some details I did this a week ago and have still had nothing back from customer service??

Hey @dco78, our team are receiving a lot of messages so unfortunately they’re taking longer to reply. You can pop them a DM through AskCurve’s Twitter account to make sure they’ve got your message.

I’m currently on Metal but the complete lack of a credible support offering really concerns me

Previous issues raised takes sometimes over a week for a response and having to chase up via Twitter isn’t a good look.

Has anyone had any issues downgrading and how was the process?
I don’t want it to affect my ability to use ‘basic’ curve

Once they finally, eventually, think about maybe getting around to replying to an email…the process is alright. They send a new card, but the old one keeps working until you activate the new one.

Something to bear in mind - rather stupidly, the card details in app change immediately to the new card, meaning that you can’t see the old card details anymore!

The real problem is the absolutely terrible response times from support. I don’t buy that it’s just because they’re receiving a lot of requests - it’s the same total rubbish excuse that every company that can’t be bothered to employ enough customer service agents uses.

They did eventually downgrade me when I followed up telling them to consider the issue urgent - perhaps try that?

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