Downgrading made as hell

Hello there,

I had to come here again since I need to let the steam out. My frustration has risen to a new high, which I thought is impossible. But Curve has done it. Again.

I’d like to downgrade my Curve metal and have been trying to do so for a month. It is beyond scammy in the first place to force your “”““most valued””" metal customers to go through this process VIA CHAT. Is it 2010 again? Please… I’ll say it as it is. It is just a shitty business model. One can subscribe with a few clicks but need to spend loads of time with someone in order to cancel the same sub. Yes, of course, just make it as hard as possible to keep your customers (happy).

Anyway, a month ago I was told they cannot downgrade my account, coz there is some sort of problem. I had to delete and reinstall the app. Then I forgot about it (oh maybe, just maybe this is the goal after all?!!!). 4 days ago I wrote them again, but there is no answer at all since then. In two weeks my yearly sub fee will be charged, but they couldn’t think I will pay that, could they?

Just make a button which people can use to downgrade as a reputable business would do. Maybe it will pay out in the long run.

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i feel your pain. i’ve been trying to downgrade since 1st August, and no response at all from curve. This is despite sending them complaint emails, numerous attempts to downgrade, and posting on twitter. 2 days to go until i will be charged £150 by curve again - totally scammy. By the way this is my tweet:

I’m sorry to hear :frowning: .Just remove all your cards from the app. I guess that would make it impossible for them to charge. Otherwise, I’ll sue and report them to FCA. This is a fking bad joke.


On a positive note, my account has been downgraded after I reached out to them via Twitter. At least I won’t get charged and I can delete the app finally. Have a great one everyone!

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takes the biscuit when you have to contact them through a social media channel and not their app! I did the same and got a response from twitter 3 days later!
Glad I didn’t upgrade to X for now. Still have the 5 cards loaded today and all appear active on the free account!!

If you can I would suggest to block the payment or temporarily lock the card the day the payment will be done

Curve seem to be able to debit an underlying card for their purposes even if the Curve card is blocked.

My Flex payments always go through even if my Curve Card is blocked.