Driving licenses

It would be really handy to have our driving licenses on here as well. Yet another card that we all have to carry!

Whilst that’s an amazing idea, it would need UK government approval, many places wouldn’t actually accept a photo/digits version of an ID.

Have a look at YOTI, it looks like they’re doing the Digital ID side of things, looks interesting

Cant think of a single authority that would accept any ID that is set issued by a gov. agency.

I have to disagree, a LOT of people accept didital ID. I currently carry a photo of my licence on my phone as ALL police in the UK see the drivers licence on the npd including photo… As long as the photo matched the dvla photo there is and has never been any issues. This is happpening everywhere buy the way… People don’t want to carry plastic Id… Carrying a phone is plenty enough and the authorities realise that too and as for the bus pass the same applies… I hardly ever see actual bus passes these days everyone keeps them as an image on their phone or as an nfc tag.

When we do KYC checks on customers where I work we HAVE to scan the physical plastic card or passport using IDScan. Digital pictures cant be scanned…

Can’t you take pictures? I had a situation where a bank wanted a “scan” of my work ID card as they issue co-branded employee cards with credit card functionality. They didn’t accept a picture, even tough it looked like a scan. It was an outrage that I would think they could accept that, security liability and all that, that was 3 years ago. Last month to renew that same card they didn’t want me to bring any scan and they took a picture themselves with an iPad and it was a crappy iPad 2 no less

We have to have the physical ID card or passport because it goes into a special ID scanner. Similar to the ones used at passport controls.
It can’t do the same checks on a photograph of a document.