Dropping support for iOS 13

:wave: Hi everyone, I wanted to share some news about our plans for OS support on the iOS app

What are we changing?

iOS 13 was released by Apple in 2019 and came with a lot of new features including a more modern way to build UI in our apps (SwiftUI). At the time Apple dropped support for some older devices (iPhones 5s, 6 and 6 Plus) but since then no devices have been dropped and all devices which support iOS 13 are able to update to iOS 15.

Supporting multiple iOS versions comes with overhead from both an engineering and testing point of view as we need to handle subtle differences between versions. Since only around 0.5% of our users are running iOS 13, dropping support allows us to focus more on delivering new features. From early November we will no longer provide updates for users on iOS 13, so they will not receive new features, security updates or bug fixes.

What happens if I am running iOS 13?

The final version (version number TBC) we release which supports iOS 13 will continue to work for you but as mentioned above those devices will no longer receive updates and eventually backend / third party changes may result in this version stopping working at all at some point.

Since all devices that are capable of running iOS 13 are able to upgrade to iOS 15 our suggestion is to upgrade to the latest OS and you will continue to have access to the latest Curve features.