Duplicate charge

I made a payment on 04/01/2022 On deliveroo take away for around 23 pounds. I haven’t received my bonds rewards at that time, but my card shows payment successfully. However the rewards applied on the morning 05/01/2022, It also applies to duplicate transaction! I’m not sure whether it’s on a curve error or my card number was stolen by someone. In case of any possible insecurity, I have locked my credit card so please reply to me as soon as possible, coz I’ve got only this card available. I have contacted an adviser in the chatbox and got the response that he has passed my case to the relevant team almost a week ago, but I haven’t got any replies yet. Neither through email. I also need to pay my tuition fee for this credit card. So may I know when will I get the response from the team? Could anyone help me with this case? Seems like it happened before for other users but they’ve received the cash back in 3 days, and also some did not receive the cash back, I have waited for 6 days without any information, why it will occur and how to solve it?

This time is 23 pounds missing, will next time be hundreds or thousands missing… :frowning:

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Im pretty sure the duplicate charge on your card is just an authorization request which will be removed within the next 7-14 business days by your card issuing bank.

If the authorization is not dissapearing within the mentioned time frame the curve support will help you and if its an error within curve system they will refund the double charge.

Sometimes it can be the issuing banks fault if they create a new transaction instead of updating the authorization. If then the deletion of the authorizations fails you have two transactions.

Hi, I am not sure if it is a system error, but I experienced the second case this month…This time is a duplicate charge on my curve balance and also my bank card. Why this case usually happens

Have you contacted the help centre and gotten the feedback?
I didn’t receive any reply yet, I think I will wait for 14 days to see if it will pay back to me directly.

I have seen similar, this morning I purchases some petrol and on my main card I can see the £15 I spent on Petrol plus the 100 authorisation. I will wait to see if that one vanishes however there are other abnormalities that make me nervous about using Curve again. It semed like a good idea but when I spend £15 I do not like to see a transaction for £150, even if it is temporary.

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