Duplicate transactions & NO response from Chat/support

I had a transaction when buying fuel in Spain paid at the pump. €130 pending transaction. This was passed to my bank on 12/09/22. The following day 13/09/22 the transaction was updated on Curve for €20 less as we disnt use the full amount. So far no problem except the new lower amount was never passed to my account. I queried this with Curve to ask when the new amount would update my bank transaction. The transaction was debitted to my bank immediately on query. But 10 days later still no credit for the initial block. This is not a merchant problem. I have completed a dispute for a duplicate transaction and received an email response “sorry to hear you want to close your account”. #What?
Today I have received my 2nd duplicate transaction for a toll payment made yesterday. Still no response from Curve Support.
Whats going on? Who’s getting all this money for duplicate transactions?

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