Early adopters (Curve Black)

I know it’s been done to death and I will never bring this up again but I have to get something off my chest

When Curve originally launched it was with paid cards, I chose Black and paid £75. Now I realise there will be many who say ‘yes, but Curve paid you back’, which I agree they did, but this was because of losing AMEX the first time. That is not the point, the point is that us early adopters took a chance with this startup and also helped spread the word thus hopefully bringing others on board to help the company grow. Roll forward to today and now Curve Blue is seen as an upgrade, this was never how it was sold to us!!

I love Curve, I can’t afford the cost of Metal as I pay Lloyd’s Bank £27 a month for a Premier Account (so that my elderly mum gets the security of the benefits) but hopefully I add my support in other ways, by still promoting the company and card benefits to others. I was an early adopter and I hope to be an investor too!

Rant over and peace restored, have a happy and healthy long weekend everybody.

I not agree with you in the content of your message, but I love to see someone’s honest and opened opinion. We are many of us out there and every of us have different perspectives about all this, and it is in deed, probably impossible to satisfy all parts.
Now let me ask you please, if you could decide about it; what would you do with your case? I mean; how would you feel compensated or fairly treated by Curve?what Curve would have to do with you?

I don’t want anything, all I am saying that as one of the early card holders it was sold as Black being a premium tier that would always be a premium tier, now it is called legacy and we can ‘upgrade’ to Blue which was not sold as a premium tier. That is all, I appreciate Curve for all the benefits it gives me and for the fact I only take my Curve card with me now as I have never had any issues. As I also said, I will happily invest a small amount in the hope Curve stays around longer than I do!

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Just out of curiosity, why do you believe moving from legacy black to blue is an upgrade (other than it might appear as such in the app)?

There is nothing blue offers that you don’t/won’t get in legacy black*.

*that wasn’t the case for a short period of time when curve said legacy black wouldn’t get new features that blue will but that stance has since changed and anything blue gets legacy black will as well.

If you ‘upgrade’ to blue, you will lose your higher limits and if you are still in the old rewards scheme your reward rate will drop. If you’ve already moved over to Curve Cash and have had your 90 days of cash back then you won’t get anymore whether you stay on legacy black or move to blue.


I’m only going on how the app portrays Curve Blue, I am in the original rewards program and even though, at the moment, I rarely use the companies concerned I would rather stay on it. Thanks for your input, it’s all interesting and valid.

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They should probably sort that in the app to avoid confusion.

You’ve probably already considered this, but if you choose to upgrade to Curve Metal and switch to curve cash the cash back from the 6 retailers you choose could offset or even negate the £15pm charge. Which means you’re getting a metal card, insurance and all the other features for nothing or maybe just a few pounds a month.

Of course that assumes you wouldn’t already get cash back with those retailers via another payment method.

Something I rather stupidly hadn’t considered at the time I upgraded as my chosen retailers all accept Amex where I get 1% cash back. Given I can then get insurance cheaper elsewhere I’ll have to decide whether I stay with metal when my 6 months is up…

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I’m not so sure about this. My take, during the heady days earlier this year when the whole tier thing was being restructured, was that one of the facts about being allowed to remain on legacy black is that we won’t benefit from any subsequent improvement in benefits that other tiers will enjoy.

I think I’ve read that, anyway. :thinking:

That was their original stance - that was at the time when they said legacy black wouldn’t get Apple Pay but blue would.

They have since confirmed, as a result of feedback in the forum, that anything blue gets, legacy black will as well. It’s only the premium features that require a subscription, that neither blue nor legacy black will get.


Thanks @bells, I missed that valuable reference :grinning:

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I’ve never been paid back by curve as an early black customer. I was offered to cancel my account when they lost Amex, nothing else. So I paid for the black card and now have the option to subscribe as a new customer (or loose the benefits slowly removed from the legacy black card). Not really nice, IMHO.

Hi @slapic , and welcome to our community.
What is not nice for you exactly? I think, we early black customers, have received an honest and nice treatment:
Every company has the right to change direction and strategy, and so did Curve by introducing a subscription model. We were not forced no take this subscription model but we got the chance of getting Legacy Black, which I honestly think it was fair enough considering the fact that we were getting the same benefits we had before the subscription model came into play. And then on top of this, one month ago, we actually even were offered to upgrade for free to Black model, for free let me emphasise, if we in return share Curve with our contacts and make them to try Curve. I sincerely think we have received a more than reasonable and generous deal here.


I agree they came good in the end, but I would argue they haven’t always provided an honest and nice treatment since the introduction of subscriptions.

Now with curve having offered black subscription for life with just a handful of referrals (probably too generous IMHO) or the ability to stay on legacy black and keep everything they already have as well as getting new ‘non-premium’ features that curve blue will get, I’m not sure anyone has any reason to complain about the outcome…only maybe about how they got there, which was a rocky road at times.

@slapic you won’t be loosing any features by staying on legacy black…you just won’t be getting any new ‘premium’ features that require a subscription.

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I was an early £75 curve black adopter too but now a Metal card user and it’s money well spent and seriously well saved… It feels excessive but I’m a high travel user and the money I save is significant.


I use Revolut for travelling, saves me a fortune, so don’t feel the need to carry another card (other than 1 backup).

Hello folks, I too am an early adopter and also paid £75 when I signed up. I am totally on board with their new tier structure (yes, its not great that we are seeing as a less than, but oh well). My biggest issue is that Curve Blue, which is free for everyone, has instant cashback as part of its features. Yet Black legacy customers does not.

I mean, its a free feature and they are not allowing us to have it unless I “upgrade” to Curve Blue? Which again, its a free tier. I mean, if I liked the blue card, then I would have chosen it when I first signed up.

Curve has made the decision to not give us, the legacy customers, the same features that the free tier offers? Surely, they could at least given us the same features? So why haven’t they?

Maybe there were so many Early Adopters who were happy to go with Black that it could cost them a fortune if they let us have Instant Cashback😏.

At least we have stuck with them through Amex and many of us have now invested in them and wish them a long future.

The cashback with Curve Blue is only for the first 3 months after you sign up. Permanent cashback is only on the subscription tiers, Black and Metal.
After the first 3 months I don’t think that Curve Blue have anything beyond Black legacy.

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That is one of the many reasons why Curve looses so much goodwill from customers. It’s a shame but it is what it is.

The funny thing is that whilst there are so many reasons that Curve looses goodwill from customers, this shouldn’t be one of them. Legacy Black is superior to Curve Blue in so much as it has higher limits and gives higher rewards for those still on Curve rewards. There is nothing on Curve Blue that isn’t on Legacy Black.

The problem is that most customers don’t know that and it is entirely down to Curve for causing this confusion. Poor planning and lack of clear communication is causing customers to be unhappy about something that doesn’t even exist…you really couldn’t make it up.

As @Micke has confirmed, Curve Cash on Curve Blue is only for a three month period. I’m pretty sure (although best to check first) that if you switch from Curve Rewards to Curve Cash (regardless of whether you are on Blue or Legacy Black) you will get 3 months Curve Cash.

That said, if you’re on either of those tiers and still in Curve rewards, it would almost certainly be better to remain on Curve rewards unless you cannot use any of the retailers covered by that scheme.

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Another thing is they have now split the problem even more as you now have the ex legacy, now true black card holders. (Because they had enough friends to recommend too in the little time that Curve managed to offer.) It’s absolute madness at Curve towers as the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Who loses out? We all do really just in slightly different ways…

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