Earn Cashback for a whole YEAR

Earn Cashback for a whole YEAR!

Hi guys, :wave:

We are super excited to announce that from today new and existing European and UK customers will have the opportunity to earn 1% cashback for 30 :calendar: days on every successful referral. This gives you the ability to earn a year’s worth of automatic cashback by referring a new friend each month. For those of you who obtain multiple successful referrals, you will receive additional months :calendar: of 1% cashback.
Twelve successful referrals amount to 1 year of 1% cashback.
In addition, premium Curve customers will receive an additional 1%cashback when spending at their selected three to six retailers.

  • Chance to earn 1% Cashback for a YEAR

  • New and Existing UK and European customers can now receive 1% cashback for 30 days on every successful referral

  • You can extend your 1% cashback for up to a YEAR by making 12 successful referrals

  • You will earn cashback instantly and be able to spend that anywhere Curve is accepted



1% cashback when you spend with Curve *exemptions and caps apply see terms for more details.


In addition to cashback is there a £20 ref for those who invite? :thinking:

So if I already have cashback thanks to the Metal subscription, I don’t benefit anything from referring?

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Same question as @Kasgel

Actually you do. With metal you get cashback at six chosen retailers. With this you get cashback on all your transactions.
And at your selected retailers you get this cashback on top of your metal cashback.

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Instead of 1% you get 2% for the selected retailers. 1% everywhere else. Source


I got excited when I steamed ahead thinking this was Curve announcing 1% cashback on EVERY transaction. Then realised its for referrals. I’ve been trying to refer everyone I know since 2018 and so far only managed my Wife and 2 friends (of which one no longer uses due to the fact its no longer exciting or different compared to their Monzo account other than GBiT…)

Thinking on this, and if this can be done on ‘referrals’ for 1 year, how do we go about starting up a petition for all Metal Users to get this as standard? I solely use my Curve Card for every day transaction and only use my underlying cards when having to pop into the bank (which is extremely rare, unless me Nan gives me a cheque at Christmas!), meaning I push about £1750-2000 (rough guess) a month through Curve over 100s of transactions. If this was a standard on top-tier (even more so for the Investors) I would probably get a friend a month signed up without much hassle!!

(I will stop I promise) - but if you think about it, apart from GBiT and having just 1 card, what ACTUALLY separates Curve from either your typical high-street bank or Monzo and the likes… I think this would be a game changer.


Guys! You got it all wrong! In survey I suggested to add cashback to £20 bonus - not to replace it! I suppose that most people don’t earn £2000 or more to get £20 as cashback.
Others have for example €5 bonus and upt to €50 - but cashback is up to 25% (yeah, I know, in selected shops).

Please, bring back instant £20 bonus!


i’m underwhelmed to be honest. For a card I hardly ever use (lots of declines in the Netherlands) this will only add up to a few pennies.


I can’t say I am excited about this, sorry.


Not to mention, the cashback is capped at £20 per month (in the terms and conditions).

Essentially, swapping a £20 payment for a referral, to cashback up to £20. They’ve probably crunched the numbers and know that people won’t get close to that amount.

This type of non-transparency for reducing costs isn’t great.



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Free cashback for 1 year!

It’s not, it’s a lie and the type of click bait I’d expect from a cheap ass, money grabbing, con of a company.

Just be honest and say get 1 months cashback on all transactions @1% in addition to any cashback already being earned.

This approach of saying 12 months free providing you refer someone once every month is a con and cheapens the image of the company, I feel.


Swapping the 20GBP bonus for cashback capped at 20GBP is essentially a no bonus for me. Not good, won’t waste time with referrals.


I think this is not a good move. I know that for Curve it’ better in terms of finance, but not for Curve user. I am no longer motivated to do all the hassle of convincing people to use your service for the cashback. In order to get this £20 I would have to spend £2000 monthly which is unreachable for me. I will wait till you revert it to old system…(if that ever happens?)

It’s a shame that new users don’t get the £5 sing up anymore.


So what do I now use to incentivise my friend to sign up to Curve? Previously I’d push the fact we both got £20 after their 3rd transaction with their Curve Card. Now what? “Please sign up to this so you get nothing and I earn £20 in 1% cash back for 30days, which won’t happen as I don’t push (earn that’s not paid on bills away from Curve) that amount through to get £20 in cash back!”

This 1% per transaction should be standard for Metal users. This is a no-brainer to incentivise EVERYONE to either upgrade to top-tier PLUS use their Curve card for every transaction.


Well this isn’t working. I referred a friend and received confirmation form Customer Services that we would both get 1% cash back for 30 days. So far I’ve received my cash back for my selected retailers that I spent in over the weekend, but not received anything for other retailers where I should be getting for 30days - any ideas? I’d ask Customer Services but will take 5 days to respond (if I am lucky!) …


How do I know if I got the extra period of 1% cash back?
Honestly, I’ve referred at least 7 people to join Curve, so for I only got one £20 referral bonus.
All of them are having similar issues as me, when joining Curve.
I did ID verification with my iPhone app during registration, I successfully made two payments, then my Curve was blocked and I was told there is no ID verification for me!!! Then , after ID verification, my Curve still blocked! Then I was told address proof required. Think about it, I received my Curve card and activated, and I tried to use the physical card to pay, but Curve required address proof.
Finally, I was able to use Curve but more than 3 weeks later. So the one who referred me got nothing!

Interesting thing is, for other issues we experienced, Curve normally can response with 48 hours. For those registration related? More than a week each time that leads to more than 3 weeks to resolve and thus no referral.

I have more proof , I helped one to register Curve, she then used Curve for more than 10 transactions in a week using Apple Pay. You know what? Only first 2 transactions recorded in Curve app, the rest only shown in Apple Pay and her bank record but never show in Curve app. So, she doesn’t received 1 % cash back for what she spent and I did not received referral bonus.

I really think Curve referral is just a joke! I have only 1 out of 7 referrals succeed and the referee even not receiving her 1% bonus!

Really GOOD WORK Curve

Great news, Curve are removing the cap. Good on them for listening to their best customers :+1:t5:

From Curve’s H1 2021 update:

  • We have also upgraded our referral programme , allowing customers to earn 1% cashback for one month for every successful referral, without caps or constraints. For example, customers can extend their 1% cashback for up to a YEAR, that’s 12 whole months, by making 12 successful referrals.