Earn Cashback for a whole YEAR

Pity they didn’t update the FAQ and T&C’s yet…so I actually don’t think the cap is removed at all.


The maximum cashback you can earn is capped at £20 each month.

The maximum amount of cashback you can earn under this introductory offer is 2,000 Curve Cash Points, which is equivalent to £20.

The maximum amount of cashback you can earn from each Referral Reward is 2,000 Curve Cash Points, which is equivalent to £20. For example, if you successfully refer 2 people, the maximum you can earn is 4,000 Curve Cash Points (equivalent to £40) during a 60 day period.

Day 5 and still no additional 1% cashback and still no response from Customer Services, despite priority given to premium users…

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Day 29

Still no update.

Day 31

Curve support have come back, having reviewed the issue and my account for this period of time, that I am not entitled to the rewards for referral as my friend hit 3 separate transactions, but not over £20 in total!

Last time I try and get others to join.

Not really sure why Curve has gone and removed my posts for being ‘offensive’ …

You can make a complaint instead of keep posting here. complaints@imaginecurve.com

I did. It was ignored.

When did you do that exactly?

Was around 2 weeks ago after seeing someone post the same thing to someone else on this forum.

They will reply within 30 days.

:man_facepalming:t3: It’s sat in my outbox on my phone as ‘failed’ …

Is it possible to switch back to the previous £20/ £5 referral program? I’ve already around 2years and 7 months of 1% cashback and I am not a big spender ( plus I am a metal user for the next 2-3 years)At the moment I have no incentive to invite any more people and promote Curve.

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