Ebay /Amazon doesnt like processing payments via Curve?


i keep having issues on my curve metal and wifes curve blue where we had several instances that Ebay/Amazon doesnt allow to make payments using Curve after several attempts some times it goes thru ?

Amazon usually gives an error when you try to purchase Prime with it / extend your Prime membership. Reason for this is that Amazon uses a wrong MCC (merchant category code), they use “gambling” for it and this is blocked by many banks.

I think they put it through as Marketing which is the problem

hi i even get error while trying to make normal purchases from ebay/Amazon

i dont think they use “gambling” as i have never had any issue with AMEX/SANTANDER/BARCLAY/NATIONWIDE while making direct purchases

Interesting, I can confirm that both my UK and US prime renewals worked perfectly fine through Curve last month, but perhaps the pass through to my Bank was fine and the bank (HSBC) not complaining.


As @Lucas mentioned not all purchases from Amazon and eBay are processed using the same MCC. This can change depending on the type of item, merchant type and service provided.

As we don’t have access to the correct systems to help you, our dedicated Customer Support experts will be best advised to look into this for you. You can reach our team via social media or support@imaginecurve.com.