eBay transactions being declined


I can’t seem to get any ebay transaction to work when i try to use my Curve card via Google Pay, it just constantly declines. Is there any reason for this?



Hey there,

Do you see any error message in the Curve App, Google Pay App or at the eBay Checkout page? (Ex. „Do not Honour“.)

Hi Dustin

No nothing untoward at all, just transaction declined, in fact the transaction actually appeared on my Nat West account as pending so it’s gotta be eBay related.

I can only guess the ebay talking to google pay talking to curve talking to Nat West may have thrown it? I’m just more interested to know if this is a common problem so I can avoid using it for eBay


For me eBay works with my Curve card.

After looking up information provided by google about how google pay works it should look like this:
eBay → Google Pay → Curve → Underlaying Cards Bank → Curve → Google Pay → eBay

Could you try to re-attach your card to google pay?, by the way you dont need to worry about the pending transaction they will disappear normally after 7 days since curve didnt capture them only authorized.

If the error persists you should contact the curve support (support@curve.app).

Hey! Feel free to pop our team an email at support@curve.app and they’ll be able to look at the transaction attempt and see at which stage it declined!