Edenred Discounts

Hi All

My company use Edenred as a portal where I can get discounts from companies including e-gift cards top-up cards.

I currently can’t use my Curve card as Edenred frequently uses 3DS.

However when 3DS is sorted, I wondered if I purchase an e-gift card from a Company that belongs to one of my Curve Cash nominees eg M&S, will Curve recognise this or just see it as an Edenred purchase?

You are buying at Edenred, not at M&S.
So as long as M&S is not in the merchant name/description on your (Curve) Card statement (which is what I am assuming, unless you tell me differently), when you are buying a M&S gift card at Edenred, this will be seen as an Edenred purchase.

For you it would be interesting if Curve added Edenred as a Cashback retailer you could choose. Check this topic :point_down:t2:

Ok thanks.
It does show as Edenred so that’s what I suspected. :slightly_frowning_face:

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