Electronic card from Dynamics Inc

Dynamics Inc have a card which can switch personas. They even have one with it’s own LCD display and mobile connectivity! It would be really cool if you could select which card you wish to pay from using a button on the actual card. Could Curve work with this vendor?


Personas is definitely the wrong word to use.

Tell that to their CEO. It was the word he used in his keynote…

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No way! Really? :grimacing::joy::sob:

Hi Leon,

Along with Dynamics Inc, FUZE are another US based company who had a similar ‘all-in-one’ card product. We’re keeping a keen eye on how these companies get on, as the jury is still out on how successful it will be.

That being said, we agree that is it very cool and it certainly redefines what a smart card can be!

This isn’t something that we aren’t looking to bring to Curve; our focus is to develop the best financial services & personal banking app in the market. We don’t think that cards are disappearing anytime soon but the app is where it is at for us!

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Thanks very much.
Begs the question - how long till you have contactless payments working on Android and Apple? Are there any technical, commercial or legal impediments to making this happen soon, or just your development capacity?

I loved using Google Pay on my Android device, but love Curve more due to the freedom to change my payment card after the fact and free currency conversion, so I gave up Android Pay. I would love it even more if I could do both!!! Yes I am aware it is on your backlog, but it’s been a long time coming. You want to make the best mobile experience, do this, and you will have!

Though in essence this sounds like a good idea, I’m not as of yet convinced at the moment that it is. Currently, curve may have multiple cards stored in the app, but only 1 card is active at any given time. So if you were to lose or misplace it, you’d only in effect be losing or misplacing the one card. With a card where all the various cards are stored on the physical card itself, if you were to lose or misplace it, then you lose or misplace them all. And depending on how the card secured it could be a real security issue.

“Good idea” is a measure of how well it is adopted by consumers and how well the risks are mitigated.

They have a card that has its own 3g connection, so you can address the card and disable it. Even without this, given it is a proxy card, you can also disable a card by using the app.

So someone steals it - ok - you are able to use it for contactless payments. How does this differ from stealing the curve card? The thief is unlikely to know the PIN, and most banks indemnify customers against fraudulent contactless payments.

So it is all your cards in one - just like Curve. You still have your original payment cards in the back that you can use if you lose it.

They have cards with buttons on it. You could engineer it so you needed to input a PIN to change cards possibly.

Ultimately it is a risk vs benefit play. Banks and payments companies have already adopting these, so they have most likely accepted any risk.