Electronic insurance

hello, I activated the black card because I saw that the insurance for the mobile phone was also included ( I uploaded my screenshot during my upgrade). But going to read documents with black card is not included. Can anyone tell me if i have read the documents wrong or have they wrong?

Hey @Emanuele!

Take a look at this: https://www.curve.com/en-gb/terms-insurance-docs

If you signed up before 24th Feb 2020, the Black card includes gadget insurance. Otherwise it doesn’t.

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Hi @jayeshr
Thank you, so it’s their mistake! Because I did it on April 7th

I had the same issue, when i signed up they said it includes gadget insurance after i signed up it disappeared I asked cs and they claim i still have gadget insurance

Hi @Kromz100
How is it possible?! In some document it should be marked otherwise I don’t think it has value. Someone should give us a right explanation!

Not sure but i signed up last week , i ask CS about 3 times to get a definite answer and they claimed mine includes gadget insurance

That’s interesting - I would ask the why the document says otherwise? Maybe the update is imminent, as far as I know Gadget insurance is not included after 24th Feb.

Quoting a post from another thread which also confirms this:

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