Email and App notification of Curve Rewards update

I have contacted support - they are none the wiser and keep asking me to update the app. I have.

Have you tried force closing the app or restarting device?

Numerous times. I have the latest version (Curve confirmed this) and Curve’s advice is to delete, reinstall it and manually add in all the cards again). Er, no. Not for the few pence on offer. Sod that.

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I’ve contacted support. Yes, I live in the UK

Apparently there should be a rewards tab that doesn’t exist on my phone. “Have you updated to the latest version?”


“Are you sure?”

Yes (I gave them the version number)

“That’s the latest version, I don’t know why it’s not showing up”

And best of all

“Can you show us a screenshot of the rewards tab?”

You mean the one that doesn’t exist ?



Uninstall/reinstall is about the only other thing I can suggest! You’re not missing out on much based on the offers to date though :wink:

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No, and the prospect of re-adding and validating all my cards and being charged £0.72p a pop for doing so, and then chasing Curve for weeks to refund it.

Nein danke

You wouldn’t have to do that though, they would (should at least!!) all re-appear when you log back in, the cards are linked to your account not your specific installation (a bit like if you remove a card then add it back in then all the history reappears).

I deleted tand reinstalled the app a couple of years ago and had to do just as I outlined…

Ah OK, I didn’t more recently but totally bet it if you don’t want to risk it!

It seems that the Rewards tab exists in the Android but not the iOs version of the App.

Not true, I use android but no reward tab in it. Might be because I am black legacy?

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I’ve just updated the iOs version to the latest version…and still no tab.

I had a look through the Android “offers”. It looked VERY similar to the ones on offer from my Santander account. Nothing of any interest.

Hi @riceuten and @Cwyfan. :wave: Please be reassured that all UK customers should have access to this feature and that we’ve flagged this absence in your apps to the relevant team so that we can investigate this for you. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update available!


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Yep, a few different ones today and similar to Santander/Halifax/Lloyds/MBNA

I have them on the iphone app

I now have them on the iPhone app. Without updating it !

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were set as non UK customer somehow, hence no tab. Curve fixed it fur you so now you can see the tab.

Nope. We established that already in a previous email with Curve

Hey guys! Just wanted to provide a little update here.

If you’re a Samsung Pay+ user, you’ll be getting access to Rewards soon - thanks for your patience and apologies for any confusion regarding this! I can’t provide a date yet but please keep your eye out for any further updates!



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