Email inviting me for Curve Credit Card offer (Beta)

Just been emailed the “Curve Credit Card offer” - as I am obviously so valued. It invites you to click on a link which…links to their front page and beseeches you to download their app;.

Er, I already have the app, that’s why you emailed me. It doesn’t even land on anything credit card related. Just the ordinary front page.

Do people not check this when they’re sending emails out ?

It took me to the app. Chrome browser on iPhone

Eventually I read the email closely

You ignore the button. You go to the app. You hit “Account”, scroll to "Curve Credit (Beta). You “apply” for it, and give details (but a fault in the system means you can’t enter your outgoings when you’ve entered your wages). You submit, and, 3 days later, I’m still waiting for a response.

It’s 3 working days

Three working days for a soft credit check that is instantaneously done on line otherwise ? And, as I said, there’s a fault in the form that doesn’t allow you to input your outgoings.

This has been thrown together and not tested.

It is a new product so I’m sure things will improve. I’ve yet to hear back either so hopefully get more information today as it would be nice to test it. It’s strange it didn’t allow you to input your outgoings as I had no problems with that.

Mine let me put in the outgoings (ios)

I didn’t receive the email and it’s not available in my Curve app profile. So probably it hasn’t been rolled out in Europe/Spain.

I’m looking forward to it.

I haven’t got anything yet, what’s the requirements here?

Probably a lottery to wherever you get accepted or not. I have brilliant credit and was just declined

Hi was given an invite to try out curve credit 3 days ago… put all my details in and today got an email saying I’m not eligible for some bizzare reason… please don’t invite me if you are going to reject me :+1::+1:also I have a fantastic credit history so whatever the criteria is I’ll never know.

Mine did as well and I am on Android.

Like many others with exemplar credit, I too was declined. I was irked, because the reason I was declined was because I didn’t put my outgoings in the application - this was because it was not possible, and yes, I tried, many, many times. Curve responded to me and said it was a fault on the iOs version, and “Could you try and apply again ?”

Well, no, I can’t. Because if you click on the Curve Credit Beta, there was the “Sorry” notice which you couldn’t do anything about.

“Oh”, came the response, “I didn’t know that”. “Could you let us know your outgoings?” This I did. “We’ll get back to you by Friday with a decision”…which came today, and you will be unsurprised to hear was a refusal. “Not this time”, apparently. Curve honestly give the impression of being run part time by someone from their back room sometimes.

It could conceivably that they’re not going to make any money from anyone with exemplary credit.

Or it could be that it is chosen by picking the names out of hat.

We’ll almost certainly never know

Wrote an email to them complaining about the lack of support and the fact that they said that if I didn’t receive an answer by the end of the week, please email us again (!) and within about 10 minutes of sending the email, did not receive a reply but received notification that I now had access to Curve Credit.

so far curve credit very impressive, the only need is to pay off in the app instead contacting support.

One of the credit tracking services I use has just yesterday notified me to a hard credit check on behalf of Curve - though why they didn’t do this previously, I have no idea.

They first did a soft check, when I contacted support they told me the hard one will be added after 14 days of you taking on the offer (credit). He said if I was to cancel my credit application within 14 days and pay off the hard check would not be added on file which I think is fair unlike other lenders who add the check immediately they accept or decline your application.