Email purchase confirmations

Although enabled in the app, I do not seem to get email purchase confirmations, only app notifications.
Any fix?

Hello @Drgt,

Email purchase notifications are a bit delayed.
You should check your spam folder if you didn’t.

I went to the Cinema on the 26th very late and i just received the notification email 2 hours ago.

I would say Curve maybe waits until the charge is completed before you receive the receipt via email.

Hi there!
I am not talking “late”, I am talking “never”!
I received zero, nada email confirmations for ALL my purchases.
Not in my spam folder either!
However, app notifications, (and the actual charge) yes I do! :mask:

Hey there,

Could you drop the Curve Team an Email, so they can check if something is wrong with your account?

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Have you tried going to each linked card settings and enable email notifications manually?
It looks something like in this photo

They told me to uninstall and reinstall app. If that does not do it, to contact them to check the account.

I have set it exactly like that, but no emails.

The same is for me. Even though I have the setting enabled, I receive no emails, only app notification.

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Must be a bug.
I hope they see it before next version release.

I have same issue

The same for me since joining Curve. I never received an email confirmation, I had to manually tap for that within the app.

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