Email receipts severely delayed

Has anyone else noticed that email receipts are severely delayed lately?

I contact support, who mentioned that they can take 5 days to deliver. The used to be instant, when did it change to 5 days?!

Which merchant?

I’ve seen this happening with Amazon, but I think it is because they first ‘reserve’ the money, but they do not confirm it until they dispatch the parcel. I usually get the Amazon mails saying the parcel has been dispatched at same time that the receipt from Curve. So I guess Curve sends it when the charge is confirmed.

Double-check if that happens to you always with the same merchants and in similar circumstances.

It’s pretty much any time I’ve used my Curve card for the past week. Amazon is indeed the usual suspect, but this time it seems to be happening with every merchant for me.

I have had mine delayed for Lidl, Tesco, Sainsburys, Council Tax, KFC, BP, and Wilko.
So it’s a Curve problem, I’m not bothered though.

It is correct most e-mail receipts are severely delayed AND has nothing to do wether the merchant has shipped or not? It is very annoying, since much of the easy you get by curve is the instant receipt

Me too - All merchants! Instore and online. Been like this for a few days.

In fact, it’s shocked me a few times, because I’ll get email receipts through from a couple of days ago and panic because I think my cards been used… then realise it’s me from a few days ago.

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