Enable Curve Pay not working


I created account (free) added cards and when I choose to Enable Curve Pay all I get is white screen and rotating icon showing like something is going on. I can leave this for hour and nothing happenes. I tried uninstalling app and the same. Also clearing cache. Nothing helps.

What can I do?

Android 13 ONE UI 5, Samsung S22+

Now you can use Google Pay / Google Wallet. It is available in all EU countries from this week.

Our banks are not supported

Lp, Blaž 

Curve with Google Pay now works in every EU country (also in Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg). Curve card with Google Pay works exactly the same as Curve Pay.

I want to fix the problem to enable curve pay . This is not a solution to the problem what you are suggesting

Curve will soon disable the use of Curve Pay on phones with the Google Play Services (in countries Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg). They will add a new button: “Add to Google Pay”. In other EU countries they already have the “Add to Google Pay” button.

Curve Pay does not currently work on Android 13. I have a Google Pixel with Android 13 and it doesn’t work for me either.

So cureve will act as middle man for countries which doesn’t hav esupport for banks in google pay?

Yes, Curve is also the middle man for all banks which doesn’t support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay.

Curve offers Curve Pay for Huawei phones & unsupported Google Pay countries.