Enable/disable DCC in Curve app

Could we have a option in Curve app to enable/disable DCC? It could be by default turned off, and if for some reason DCC is needed, it could be turned on in Curve app.
I think this feature would be good for Curve users, and possible DCC charges can be avoided.

Similair feature can already be find and in some banking apps.

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What exactly do you mean? The DCC prmopt that is shown at an ATM / when making a payment in a store?
If so, thats not a card issuer setting, it’s the merchant who enables/disables it.
The reason for this is that he gets a kickback for every DCC enabled transaction

I guess @RA1 is referring to this:

According to this thread in the Revolt community this is the app of mBank, active in Poland and Czech Republic.


The only way to achieve this is to offer a switch to disable GBP transactions, given that Curve is issued in the UK. A merchant or ATM cannot detect the currency of a card, only its country of issue, and they make a false assumption that the card’s currency is always the national currency of the card’s country of issue. Here’s an idea that I raised in Revolut’s forum. The same could be done for Curve.

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I didn’t know this was technically possible, indeed I requested something like that here Local currency by default

It is absolutely annoying because many (ok, few) merchants don’t ask you, they just use the currency they want. 2 days ago I over-paid 3.3€ on a bill of 80€ (over 4%) because they didn’t ask. I know it is my right to complaint and ask for a refund, but most of the times the actual absolute amounts don’t make it worth it.


Yes, very time consuming indeed. But the more complaint, the better! If the accquirer of the merchant receives a certain amount of chargebacks for the same merchant, they adjust their rates (higher % fee, higher rolling reserve,…)
On top of that every merchant has to pay a flat fee for every raised and lost chargeback, typically between 15-30€.
So maybe that helps, knowing the merchant who cheated you actually has to pay a higher fee for trying to cheat the system

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The optimal way for Curve to implement a DCC block would be a simple setting within the Curve app with three options:

Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • Allow all GBP transactions
  • Block GBP transactions where underlying funding card’s currency is not GBP
  • Block all GBP transactions

Most people would leave it on the middle option most of the time. Typically non-UK residents will switch to the first option when spending in the UK, and UK residents will switch to the third option when spending outside the UK with a GBP-denominated underlying card.

@Curve_Marie, can this be implemented please?

It could later become more complex and perhaps identify the country of the merchant, with a fourth option to block GBP transactions by any merchants not in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, St Helena etc, but this is probably too complex for a first implementation of DCC blocking.


I don’t like these options. As you said when traveling to the UK I would need to change to option 1, but not only, an example: I am living in Ireland and we don’t have Amazon site here, so I usually buy at amazon.co.uk … should I need to change to option 1 from option 3 every time I buy at Amazon?

You haven’t suggested a better alternative. So I assume you accept that this is the optimal first iteration of a solution?

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If other platforms allow deactivating completely DCC, as apparently they do as shown in a previous screenshot, that should be the solution to implement, nothing less.

The screenshots suggest that the other platforms probably offer the first and third options from my suggestion above. You still haven’t suggested a better way to implement this, only saying “I don’t like these options”.

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Where do you get so? The app screenshot just say “deactivate DCC”, why do you assume it is your 1. or 3. options?

You’re not reading any of the detail. It says “Some ATMs and terminals abroad offer transactions in the currency of your card (Dynamic Currency Conversion) … If you deactivate DCC, such transactions will be rejected”. I understand from this that this option will cause “transactions in the currency of your card” to be “rejected”.

What alternative interpretation is there and specifically how else would the card issuer identify the transactions as being DCC?


If you say so.

I don’t know how internally the signalling is. If (and I know it is a big if) the transaction is marked as DCC-used, the card issuer could block it. But I am just guessing.

But in any case, I don’t think continuing this discussion makes any sense.

The problem here is that the transaction contains no flag to indicate that DCC was used. The only way to identify DCC is using the methods I listed above, hence the three options I suggested.


Good day. Can you do enough for your application dcc locking button? (Dynamic Currency Conversion). The point is that when you hook up a Polish payment card, in some stores the terminal asks whether to pay in pounds or in Polish currency. And it is known that when I have a Polish card attached, I want to pay in Polish zlotys, not in pounds. Adding such an option disable dcc would definitely be very helpful. Such a currency conversion lock. Who to write to to introduce such an idea into the curve?

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Hey! Welcome to the Curve Community! I love this idea - I’ve passed it over to our product team to review! To manage expectations, there’s no timeframe for if or when this will happen. If you have feedback or new product suggestions, it’s best to reach out directly to our team at support@curve.app and they’ll handle it!

An option for refusing DCC payments would be great, but please don’t attach this to the underlying card. We might want to use Curve’s fx conversion and have DCC disabled at the same time. For example I might travel to Poland as a tourist and want to avoid DCC, but my underlying card is EUR based, as I don’t have a Polish card. So I’d need Curve to refuse DCC payments (i.e. allow charging only in PLN), do the currency conversion and charge my underlying card in EUR.

So the solution could be either to automatically recognize the country I’m in (by merchant data included in the transaction I guess?) and its currency and/or to allow manually choosing which currency should be allowed. Then only allow payments charged in the recognized/chosen currency (e.g. PLN) and refuse everything else. Which underlying card should Curve charge and in which currency would work in the same way as before; DCC blocking would work as a filter at the “input” only, totally independently of the currency or issuing country of the activated underlying debit/credit card.

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