End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

Curve Black cardholders who signed up before 28th Jan 2019 and are not on a subscription are eligible for Curve Black Legacy and can get Curve Black for free.

What do I need to do?
Simply refer 3 (or more, of course!) of your friends to Curve - using your promo and make sure that they use their new Curve card before the 5th of August 2019. For each referral, you also receive £5 in Curve Cash points. And don’t miss out on the new Curve Cash programme where you’ll get 1% cashback on 3 retailers!

If you have referred 5 or more friends in your lifetime, you are eligible to continue experiencing Curve Black without paying any monthly fees! You’ll only need 1 more if you’ve already referred 4 friends.

How do I know how many friends I have referred?
Go to the timeline of your Curve Cash card and search “Ref”. You will then be able to tell how many you have referred. If it says “pending” it means that your friend hasn’t activated their Curve card yet.

Why stay on Curve Black?
Go to our Curve Black and Curve Black Legacy comparison page to find out what the benefits of Curve Black are for you.

What if I don’t refer anyone?
If you haven’t referred anyone, you will be moved to Curve Black Legacy. If you stay on Curve Black Legacy, you will not benefit from any premium Curve Black features that we may roll out from time to time.

What happens to my insurance if don’t stay on Curve Black?
If you have our AXA travel and gadget insurance, you will be covered without charge until the 17th August - we don’t want you to get caught out this summer!

What if I have referred enough people, but don’t want Curve Black for free?
Before you make up your mind, take a moment to go to our Curve Black and Curve Black Legacy comparison page to find out what the benefits of Curve Black are for you. If you go back to Curve Black Legacy, you will not benefit from any premium Curve Black features that we may roll out from time to time.

If you are sure, you can move back to Curve Black Legacy by letting us know here. If we have not heard from you by the 4th of August, we will assume that you’d like to stay on Curve Black - and keep you there!

What will happen to my cashback programme?
Nothing will happen automatically. If you’d like to move from the Rewards programme to Curve Cash, please get in touch with Customer Support. If you choose to move to Curve Cash you cannot go back to Rewards.


In the email i got it says if go for new curve black cash back will be 1% from 3 retailers and in comparison it says fpr curve legacy it will be 3-5%

What is correct? For me its important to know thos before making a decision.


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Seems like awesome news!

I’m a bit scared that if I decide to stay on Black for lifetime you might change your mind further down the road and won’t allow me to go back to Legacy. Can you reassure me about this? I want to chose wisely.

Edit: seems like I misunderstood your question. Also this answer is wrong.

Curve Legacy -> 3-5% only on some (pretty useless for me) retailers but forever

Curve Black -> 1% on 3 retailers you choose that are usually way more useful/relevant/up to date.

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You’ll stay on your current programme. If you were on the original Curve Rewards programme, you’ll remain on it. If you had an introductory offer of 90 days cashback, you’ll now have 1% with 3 retailers for an unlimited time when you get Curve Black.

This is great news!
Just to clarify: for this who qualify and have referred enough people, does this mean the NEW Curve Black is free… indefinitely?

Assuming this is so, and that there’s no backtracking further down the line, this sounds like a no-brainer!

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We haven’t planned on it :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s the Curve Black that’s a part of the subscription tiers :smiley:


£50 for life.


I appreciate curve are a business and a subscription model makes perfect sense.

The goalposts have moved.

No further comment.


I’m really confused now.

I was very excited because on your mail you wrote: “And don’t miss out on the new Curve Cash programme that you can now join, where you’ll get 1% cashback on 3 retailers!”, so I thought I could, you know, join Curve Cash.

Now upon further inspection it seems like since I’m an old customer I get rewarded with being stuck with the useless Curve Rewards programme :frowning_face:

I really hope I’m missing something!

Also, what would be the difference between Legacy and Black in my case? Thanks.

Could you rephrase? I’m not sure I understood.

A few thoughts on this offer:

a) Just over 2 weeks does not sound like a very long time to generate 3 new referrals if one is interested in doing so. - or is it 3 referrals since one got their Curve Card?

b) It would have been easier and more straightforward just to offer existing “Black Legacy” customers Curve Black for free for life - without the need for new referrals. It would have gained you much more goodwill with your existing customers who supported Curve in the early days and simplified your product range (which is getting very confusing imho)

c) Could you give any examples of forthcoming premium features?


You’ve missed this:

Please reach out to Customer Support to change your programme. They can also answer questions related to your Curve account.

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So I can have Curve Cash even if I’m an old customer? Wow, I love you guys then, thanks!

You have 17 days and they’ll have to activate their Curve card :slight_smile:

That’s why you’ll have Curve Black for free if you’ve already been a big supporter and referred 5 people :smiley: I’m happy to clarify any questions you may have.

I can’t spill the beans on future features that have not been announced :grimacing: You can see current premium features by having a look at the comparison page.

Happy to read that it’s not “useless” :sweat_smile:

Curve Rewards is useless for me since I don’t have any compatible retailer nearby, Curve Cash would be useful instead.

I guess it’s all about the usage. For me the original rewards programme is more useful. So not useless in my case :slight_smile:


I agree 17 days is short. I assume that includes your shipping time (since the curve needs to be activated). It’s vacation season and at least in Germany/France/Sweden etc this means many people are not at home to activate the curve card for 2-3 weeks. So I need to find 3 people who are not on holidays when the card comes so they can activate it.

As @thesmiler says 17 days is not very long given vacation season, waiting for cards to be delivered etc.

Thanks - I missed this in your OP and it wasn’t included in the email that I received. Are the full T&C of this offer published anywhere?

As far as I can see - thats currently just the insurance policies - which many here have feedback are inadequate… and its already been said that Apple/Google Pay won’t be premium features… so its a shame you can’t tease a bit :slight_smile:

Apologies if I’m being a bit dense here, can you just clarify - is that 3 referrals in total since I’ve owned the card or 3 new ones .
I did one referral back in November - so figuring out whether I need to tap up 2 or 3 friends to help me with this

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I’ve read the comments and the email and i’m a bit confused.

I’m on legacy black. If i get three referrals, do i keep the old legacy 3-5% cashback scheme and get access to the new black curve cash of 3 retailers at 1%?

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