End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

Try contacting Curve on Twitter, they are pretty fast there :wink:

Just to let you know guys I have referred 3 of my family members in France and they received their card in 1 week so for people in France you should be able to keep you free black in time! :grin:


I have referred 4 people, in Western Europe.
First one referred on 20.7. still hasn’t received the card. Then sign ups on 27/28.7. etc.

I guess I will also not make it :frowning:
Would be more fair to go increase the deadline for card activation/purchase. Referral time is of course plenty.

Just most people close to me already had Curve, thanks to me :confused:


I’ve just seen this and will have now missed out.

Would love to hear from Curve what was with the rush to run this promotion?

Makes sense you want people to get 3/5 referrals to get forever.

But what’s the hurry?

Got Curve Black for free, thanks Curve! I referred a whole bunch of people and will keep doing so. How can I join the beta program?

I’d also be interested in the Curve Black subscription tier if offered a discount.

@nolith, @Mikndr, @Maq @Tzar there’s still 6 days left. Do let me know how it works out.

Yes, it’s automatic :slight_smile: (Cc: @Dann)

@kennc05 Please reach out to Customer Support for queries about your personal Curve account. They have access to check what’s going on and give you clarification. (Cc: @emontes, @gt94sss2, @F.choudhury, @mikitomo ).

No, but we will strengthen all of the tiers over time as we evolve :slight_smile:

There’s no time limit yet. It will not be the 5th of August if/when we do set a limit on it.

Do you have your 5 referrals then? :smile:

It’s a promotion, not a standard offering :smiley:

Post in here and I’ll notify you: Beta Programme Launch Notification :smile:

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Do you have your 5 referrals then? :smile:

Sadly not. As either curve didn’t have referral links or there were better codes for opening.
Currently have 4 referrals waiting for activation.
Hope it will work out.

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I signed up to Curve Black for £50 before 28th Jan 2019.

When the new Curve Black arrived, I was automatically and without being asked moved to that tier as a trial.

I contacted support requesting to be returned to Legacy Black. This request was ignored. Instead I was told that I would have a chance to move to Legacy Black at the end of the trial.

Towards the end of the trial, I received an email about extending the trial. It said at the end of the extended trial we would once again be able to choose to revert to Legacy Black.

No further emails came.

I’ve now apparently been moved to Curve Blue.

What do I do?


My Black card has been downgraded to Curve Blue without any prior email or in-app notification.
I’d definitely prefer to stay on Legacy Black, as it was promised in earlier email communication.
Something went wrong on a Curve side!


Hi @Curve_Marie,
I’m an old user of Curve (from 2017). I managed to get 5 referrals (few waiting activations). What happens after 5 Aug 2019?

  • Will I be moved to New Black?
  • What plan I’ll be offered? 3-5% at selected retailers or 1% on 3 retailers of 100+?
  • Is the move automatic or will be contacted or do I need to connect with support?

Personally I would like to be on 3-5% on selected retailers instead of 1% on 3 retailers for life. It would’ve made more sense to me if it was categories.

My understanding from posts above is:

  1. Yes if all 4 activate in time
  2. No change to your existing rewards plan unless you ask Support to move you
  3. Automatic
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@ediflyer That means, I’ll be on Curve Legacy reward scheme & will gain Travel insurance & Gadget Insurance by AXA for no charge (till Curve team decides to make it paid). Cc @Curve_Marie

Yes that’s my understanding. Plus if they decided to withdraw the free Black offer I’d expect we were then put onto free Black Legacy…


Similar scenario to me - I was moved to blue but should be on legacy. I’ve contacted support regarding this, they say they’re looking into it.

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I’ve also been moved to Blue as I should be Black Free (reached de 3 referral), I’ve contacted the support and they are also looking into it…

I’ve just referred three which I needed to, hopefully they get their card before the weekend or on Saturday.

My point remains.

I purchased Curve Black in good faith at a cost of £50 for life.

An unprecedented movement of the goalposts has attempted to coerce existing benefit holders to refer additional users, lest their existing benefit be revoked. There is a word for this practise.

I have today discovered I have been downgraded to Curve Blue.

I will be pursuing this matter, and I would encourage others who have been caught up in this debacle to exercise their rights appropriately.


I do agree with how Curve arranged all this was very poor. And I am certainly not their biggest fan right now.

But I wonder whether you have a case there. The £50 for life thing does kind of remain true. We do have the option to stay on the benefits that we always had.

No matter what, I really don’t trust Curve. I’m expecting this free black thing to last maybe a year (I’m an optimist) before they decide they want to change the tiers again and discontinue the new black. Or change their business model once more.

I think they need a real shuffle up in terms of customer interactions and just be more considerate as to how we will feel before they make dramatic changes.

I have seen some improvement in that area, but I think they really need to do better. They’re handling our money, if they can’t be trusted their business is broken from the beginning.

Sorry insomnia rant over :sleeping::grin:

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I’m sure if you’ve paid for black, you’ll be happy with Curve Legacy Black… which is what you’ve paid for.

If you contact customer support, they will be able to move you to this from/around the 5th August.

The curve black tier is for people like you who paid £50 and want to keep that, and don’t want the new subscriptions.

The offer of referrals for free New Curve Black is optional, and if you don’t do it, you’ll still be able to go to Legacy Black, I honestly don’t see why you’re unhappy at This stage given you’re getting the exact same thing as what you paid for…?

Isn’t it automatic? Even after the multiple assurances that it would be?

Just like @TR1 and multiple others here, in app I don’t have any “legacy black” subscription being shown and instead a button saying to “continue with blue”. It seems the vast majority of people that would supposedly be automatically moved to legacy black are instead being moved to blue, which is quite disingenuous on Curve’s part