End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

Please do get in touch with Customer Support regarding your account. As I wrote further up: there has been a display issue with the tiers in the app. I’ll check in with the product team tomorrow regarding the migration status and will post an update

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Thank you for the info and for the help @Curve_Marie :wink:


I seem to have gone back to Blue rather than Curve Black Legacy :frowning:

Considering I paid £50 I feel this is very unfair :frowning:

Hello, please see this post;

Thank you @Curve_Marie

What happens if you have contacted support via the app a week ago and still have not received a reply?

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The migration has been completed. You should be able to see your tier in the app. If your friends haven’t received their Curve card yet and/or you have any pending referrals, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Customer Support Team via support@imaginecurve.com.

If you have any pending referrals, please do get in touch with the Support Team.

I would send them another message. If it’s related to this topic they will look into your case and see what we can do.

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Still showing as Blue unless I am looking in the wrong place.

Post voluntarily removed at the request of Curve.

Thanks Marie, have done :smiley:

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May be me misunderstanding this post, however sounds like expecting to be moved to Black Legacy, but has been moved to Blue. Pending referrals should have no bearing. Hope this is able to be resolved for you.

Incidentally, I had this same error. The ‘display issue’ was resolved and showed my subscription as Black again. I contacted support about this who confirmed I am on Black Legacy.

As of today however, the issue has returned, and I am again showing as Blue. Have raised to support and am sure they should be able to resolve. For the benefit of others, I guess just worth checking in. Hopefully just another ‘display issue’ to be resolved in the next app update.

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Seeing the same display issue here.

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I have the same display issue on my Android phone where it shows as blue. I have double checked with a iPhone and it says I’m Black Legacy there. So just a display issue guys, nothing to worry about, just gotta wait for a fix in a upcoming update.

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Sure. I only mentioned it to let Curve know that it was affecting more than one person. Seems like it may well be limited to Android though (I’m on Android)

Data point: I’m on Android and showing as Blue as well. Seems to be an Android issue. Looking forward to this getting resolved :+1:

The answer was just that they can’t discuss someone else’s account with me.

Just sent an email back in the hope I can get something sorted :crossed_fingers:

Mine is now correctly displaying Black Legacy.

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Mine too!

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@Curve_Marie : My display is still wrong and I have messaged Curve support about 2 weeks ago and then a reminder. Still no reply at all.
Whom else can be emailed?