End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

Where is this post exactly…?

It would be really great if we finally could move on after MONTHS of discussing whether something is fair or not! Curve made a decision, if you don’t like it, you are free to leave.
No matter which way Curve goes even offering a fully free card including ALL benefits and free metal, people would still complaing that some other card has some other benefit…
So please, move on.


Hi @Curve_Marie

Is there any chance of this deadline being extended? I referred three friends on 23rd July, one has received their card, another hasn’t received their card and the third has been rejected (apparently its a duplicate application)

Is there any point in me trying to sign up someone else now, or will it be too late?

I love curve, been here from the early days and feel gutted i’m going to miss this

Update - My friend has had confirmation that her card has not been sent and it is only being released today. Curve support said it will be with her in 3 - 5 days :frowning:

And to further add my frustrations, I have over the past few months talked several people into taking on curve, including my wife, brother and his girlfriend and work colleges. Now its my own stupid fault, but I never formally referred anyone using my code Girrrrr. I’m livid with myself. Anyway, i thought sharing my pain might help me feel better with myself :wink:


This post was one that said that Black Legacy would not get Apple/Google Pay and that we would need to change to Curve Blue or Black/Metal to get any new features.

As has been said, following some robust feedback from this forum, Curve have reviewed this and now Black legacy will get any new features that the free Blue tier receives



Like @xthenapster and @Spark.Lyon I also referred 3 more friends to qualify for the free Curve Black offer on the 25/26th July.

All are based in the London area - 2 received their cards on the 30 July but the 3rd still hasn’t received his yet :slightly_frowning_face:

There are only so many times I can ask him if its arrived in order to activate it by the 5th - I’m sure he is getting irritated! - especially as he is going on Army Reserve training this weekend!

As others have said above (@nolith, @Mikndr, @Maq @Tzar etc) - if this is typical of shipping times to the UK where you are based- let alone the rest of the EU/EEA - I’d strongly encourage you to revisit the activation deadline, rather than dishearten some of Curve’s biggest proponents through no fault of their own.

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There where posts about that, tough right know I really don’t feel like searching :wink:.

I don’t think it’s particularly generous to keep feature parity with free users. I think it would be expected

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Not quite free to leave if you originally paid £50 for their service.

Or you could use the forum as a means to voice your concerns and frustrations to Curve which has on many occasions resulted in them backtracking on a bad choice.

So thanks but personally I would rather tell curve how I feel and try and get them to change their decision than walk away. I’m pretty certain curve would want the same rather than having a lot of customers simply walk…


Thanks Curve! I’ve managed to invite three people. Do I get a confirmation email that I am getting Curve Black permanently?

So - should I understand that each time when you are unhappy as a customer you do nothing and just leave because whoever is providing you with a service has “made a decision”?
Even if you have just paid a substantial amount of money for the promise of life-long service, then, let’s say it: service turned out to be not quite as promised (AmEx affair) but the provider kept on promising some great new stuff. Yet just after another couple of weeks provider decides to put you in a legacy-retired scheme with no new stuff coming.
Well - you’ve paid but Curve “made a decision” so you are free to leave and move on… really?

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Don’t believe so. I didn’t. As long as you’ve received the 500 curve points for each of them, then you should be automatically moved over.

No. Some of us paid and engaged Curve under contract to provide a service. They then had their contractual terms changed unilaterally, had their data provided without permission to a third party, were assigned a subcontracted insurance policy without agreement or permission and in conflict with other insurance coverage they had in place.

Throughout it all, some of us had little or no communication.

Your experience is not others’ experience, your expectations are not others’ expectations, your condescending dismissal and tone is not appreciated. By some of us.

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Status update @Curve_Marie

I referred 5 extra people (3 already referred).

One was an old referral that never activated the app. He finally activated it (4 activations).

One was pending approval for more than 1 week. Customer care had to unlock the procedure. Card not yet received.

1 received the card yesterday and activated it. (5 activations)

The other 2 are still waiting for their cards and will be unlikely to activate before the 5th.

So I was lucky that I was able to find more people to refer, because only one received the card in time.

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I believe @gt94sss2 has provided ‘exactly’ the info you requested?

Hopefully you can understand the concerns now…when Curve thought it was okay to provide features to customers on a free tier and not to those on a paid tier.

I only mentioned that originally in response to you saying people on legacy black are getting what they paid for so should be happy. They paid for ‘Apple Pay coming soon’ and nearly didn’t get…what might they not get in the future hence being happy may be a short term prospect.

I don’t think is fair, I did everything I could and as I predicted none of the my 4 referrals here in Denmark have received the Curve card yet today Saturday at 15:00 (still have in my mind that my curve, it took 3 weeks in arriving). Of course they won’t received it either on Sunday, so bye bye Curve Black… :disappointed_relieved:
To the other people that got it on time, congratulations guys!


Yeah, so I just seen that post from April, however, the post I quoted was from June. Therefore I believe curve have had a change of heart

Yes curve had a change of heart…it wasn’t anything to do with feedback from the community.

My 3rd Referral just used their card. did you get an email confirming?

No, I didn’t.


As an update, the friend who applied for his Curve Card on the 26th July (during office hours) still hasn’t received it yet.

As a contrast, he also applied for a Tandem Credit Card at the same time and he had received both the Tandem Card and PIN by the 31st July via the Royal Mail.

Leaving alone, the Black/Legacy offer for the moment, he is not impressed and I would suggest that Curve look again at your distribution arrangements for issuing cards as I think you have an issue.

On the deadline, I suggest Curve extends the offer - at least to those who have referred enough people but where cards have not yet been activated.


Will have just missed this offer. My final referee hasn’t got their card yet. I’m sure they will tomorrow.

I’m assuming before the 5th means it ends tonight at midnight?

If only it was one more day :open_mouth: