End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

Missed it as well. Would have needed one more activation :frowning:
All 4 recent referrals are of people in Western Europe, same country, no island or super special difference between them.
The first one didn’t even get the card, checked just right now again.

I’m just sad.
Congrats to the ones living in the UK or just in general having better luck.

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Blockquote Curve_Marie Community Manager

@nolith, @Mikndr, @Maq @Tzar there’s still 6 days left. Do let me know how it works out.

Today, my last referral (5th) got his card (delivered to Poland), and made the first payment.
At the first post, there is information that, all referrals must activate their cards before (not till) 5th of August.
So it’s means, that i missed deadline? @Curve_Marie

They still not receive their card … since 19 th July. (FRANCE) but at the end I will have more than 5 Ref, don’t know why some previous one not appear in my list. @Curve_Marie

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline. One of the cards did not arrive on time (Poland). And the rest of the people I could invite were on vacation until the end of July so they would not be able to get the cards and use them on time. Also, as I did write earlier - I feel let down with all this legacy black idea and the way Curve had handled it. I also would not like it to sound very dramatic as I am still going to use my card, but indeed my enthusiasm for Curve has weakened significantly. That’s it, then.

@Curve_Marie has everybody who completed this been moved to their correct tiers?

Please get in touch with Customer Support they can look into your case @xthenapster, @Spark.Lyon, @gt94sss2, @surfinwaikiki, @JackO, @hind, @Maq, @Mikndr, @Tzar, @samdlaw

@bells There was indeed a backlash and we did listen.

Bear in mind that this topic is on how to get Curve Black for free via referrals or remaining on Curve Black Legacy. New off-topic posts will be flagged. @bells, @samdlaw, @Lucas, @megamaster, @Tzar, @Coming_soon, @CurveLegacyBlack

Existing topics that could be relevant: Curve Cash, Legacy

@digitalreisen That’s great! :muscle: :smiley: You’ll see your tier within the app. Please do get in touch if you’d like an email confirming your tier :slight_smile: (Cc: @inkmattic

Happy to hear it worked out in the end @nolith :clap::smile:

I’ll check in on the migration tomorrow and will write an update :slight_smile:


On the day I was meant to have been downgraded to Curve Black Legacy, I find in the app that I have been double downgraded to Curve Blue!!!

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Please do get in touch with Customer Support regarding your account. As I wrote further up: there has been a display issue with the tiers in the app. I’ll check in with the product team tomorrow regarding the migration status and will post an update

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Thank you for the info and for the help @Curve_Marie :wink:


I seem to have gone back to Blue rather than Curve Black Legacy :frowning:

Considering I paid £50 I feel this is very unfair :frowning:

Hello, please see this post;

Thank you @Curve_Marie

What happens if you have contacted support via the app a week ago and still have not received a reply?

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The migration has been completed. You should be able to see your tier in the app. If your friends haven’t received their Curve card yet and/or you have any pending referrals, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Customer Support Team via support@imaginecurve.com.

If you have any pending referrals, please do get in touch with the Support Team.

I would send them another message. If it’s related to this topic they will look into your case and see what we can do.

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Still showing as Blue unless I am looking in the wrong place.

Post voluntarily removed at the request of Curve.

Thanks Marie, have done :smiley:

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May be me misunderstanding this post, however sounds like expecting to be moved to Black Legacy, but has been moved to Blue. Pending referrals should have no bearing. Hope this is able to be resolved for you.

Incidentally, I had this same error. The ‘display issue’ was resolved and showed my subscription as Black again. I contacted support about this who confirmed I am on Black Legacy.

As of today however, the issue has returned, and I am again showing as Blue. Have raised to support and am sure they should be able to resolve. For the benefit of others, I guess just worth checking in. Hopefully just another ‘display issue’ to be resolved in the next app update.

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Seeing the same display issue here.

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