End of Trial: Free Curve Black or Curve Black Legacy

I have the same display issue on my Android phone where it shows as blue. I have double checked with a iPhone and it says I’m Black Legacy there. So just a display issue guys, nothing to worry about, just gotta wait for a fix in a upcoming update.

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Sure. I only mentioned it to let Curve know that it was affecting more than one person. Seems like it may well be limited to Android though (I’m on Android)

Data point: I’m on Android and showing as Blue as well. Seems to be an Android issue. Looking forward to this getting resolved :+1:

The answer was just that they can’t discuss someone else’s account with me.

Just sent an email back in the hope I can get something sorted :crossed_fingers:

Mine is now correctly displaying Black Legacy.

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Mine too!

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@Curve_Marie : My display is still wrong and I have messaged Curve support about 2 weeks ago and then a reminder. Still no reply at all.
Whom else can be emailed?

Can you please delete the app and reinstall it and let us know if your app display has still not updated?

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@Curve_Liz Sorry for the late reply.
I just did this and nothing changed :frowning:
I think you emailed me.
I have confirmation that I am on the curve black free for life card.
This is not showing in the app for me

I have a question about the new Curve Black free tier. I referred some friends and am on the free Curve Black tier, but if I would like to change my tier can I go back to my current tier?

For example, Upgrade to metal for a few months then downgrade back to free Curve Black?

Dear Dan,
Unfortunately it is not possible. Once upgraded to metal from Curve Black we loose the free character of the Curve Black tier if coming back to Curve Black.

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@Curve_Marie. On the new Curve Reward program, if have chosen our 3 retailers, can we change them maybe in future months?
Or is it a one time choice only?
How does this work?

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At the moment, this is a one time choice however, this has been raised before and is something we’re looking into! :sunglasses:


Maybe a compromise would 1 retailer change per X months. This would prevent abuse of the system, however would allow for changes in shopping paterns.


This is a shame. I likely would get a year of curve metal if I could drop down to where I am currently if I decide not to renew it. Curve has lost potential metal customers.

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@Curve_Marie hi…sorry I’m so late but i just received email about to join community.curve.app yesterday
I just have one question
I already have referred curve to 3 friends before 5 august 2019 and now I’m in curve black legacy

So if I referred to 2 more friends I’m upgraded to Curve Black for free???
or should i have referred to 5 friends before 5 august 2019??

Unfortunately the upgrade to free black deadline was the 5th of August to refer the additional people