Enhancements, sending & receiving

Curve experience could be improved by enanching features like sending and receiving money, and Curve app would be greater if it were implemented just few fundamental options like:

• Sending money by using emails other then mobile numbers.
• Sending/receiving money by scanning a fast discrete 2d QR code.

• Enabling back the transfer option between own cards.
•Adding a PayPal ACCOUNT as a payment resource.
• Curve TopUp/GiftCards available in stores and groceries.
• Making the app multilingual.
• Sharing virtual cards (Bills splitting)
• 3DS
• SEPA transfers

Hi. Thank you for your input. Some of your ideas (or similar ones) have already been suggested in this forum. I especially encourage you to take a look at these threads:

You can vote for each of these ideas by following the links and using the “Vote” button in the left upper corner. That’s how we give insight to the Curve team so they know building which features to prioritize. This is also the reason why it is suggested to keep it one idea per thread. Currently the list of your suggestions is bundled up so it’s harder to sort and categorize them among others. I recommend splitting it up into a few different topics, unless the topics already exist, in which case you are invited to continue the discussion there.

On the other hand, I have noticed that you have been linking to this thread in many posts across the forum with little to no context provided. While it is not forbidden to point to your own content in various places, reposting the same message many times is not advised and is considered to be spam (check the details of our Code of Conduct, especially the “Keep It Tidy” section). These messages will be deleted.

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