Enough is enough

I can say I have had enough of Curve. Their support has to be the worst support ever.

I have a Metal subscription, and therefore pay £14.99 per month. At the start of the week a payment which was not recognised was processed on my card. My card has been locked, and the transaction refunded, but support has said we will get in touch ‘soon’ to renew your card.

I have called, left voice messages and sent chat messages, no one gets in touch. I am paying for a service I can not use.

And don’t get me started on curve points, which they have failed to sort out issues with.

And now I can’t access the App as it says enter passcode but there is no keyboard to do so, even after removing app and loading the latest version.

CURVE you need to sort this out. A loyal customer for many years, since you launched.

I am ready to cancel today, forever!


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