Entered 3 times wrong pin

I entered 3 times the wrong pin.
What can i do?
Please help

The pin of the card or the pin of the app?

Pin of the card (at the ATM)

So your card has been ‘swallowed’ by the ATM?

No. It just said the pin is wrong 3 times

What does the Curve app say? Does it say your card is blocked? Did you try to use the card afterwards?

In case you can not remember the pin of the card, it can be viewed in the app.

It says the pin is wrong and give me the card and doesn’t accept correct pin

That is what the ATM said.
What does the Curve app say?
Did you try to do a payment after you entered the wrong pin?

If you are 100% sure that you entered the correct pin (as can be viewed in the Curve app, see screenshot below ‘Show PIN’) it is probably best if you contact Curve support by email support@curve.com or Twitter (@AskCurve).

The atm say i input wrong 3 times and the app stay normal

Did you click on this Show PIN option in the app? Is it the same pin you entered into the atm?

Ived inserted the rong pin at curve card

The atm got me the Card but cant pay or het. Cash

Please help

Yes its the same pin.
In the app its everithing ok.
Can you reset or replace of the card


In this community we are all users just like you, so we don’t have access to your account. So as I said:

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I introduced 3 times the wrong pin in the ATM.
The atm sayd ived tried 3 times and gave me the card.
I try to pay with i and i cant and via online too.
Pleaae help asap

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