Eroare de spending limit la Curve Black


S-a mai confruntat cineva cu problema asta legata de Spending limit in conditiile in care NU ai ajuns la aceasta limita?

Le-am scris la support si nu mi-au zis nimic concret plus ca de 10 zile nu mai raspunde nimeni.

Initial mi-au spus ca este o masura de siguranta pentru utilizatorii noi. Ok, am completat KYC din nou si mi-am comandat Curve Black in speranta ca s-a rezolvat cu limita.

Am primit chiar si o confirmare de la ei ca limita a fost ridicata, dar surpriza! Am incercat sa platesc cu cardul la mai multe marketuri si am primit acelasi mesaj “Spending limit”!

Ma poate ajuta si pe mine cineva in aceasta speta?

Upgrading or downgrading to a different subscription tier will not help to solve spending limit issues. Spending limits are unrelated to subscription tiers.
It only can make the issues worse, because moving to a different subscription tier will reset your spending limits to the lowest level.

This is my last mail from support.

Hi C,

Our new customers are initially on a more limited structure so a transaction history can be built, for security reasons. We are happy to raise your limits and your information is being reviewed.

I understand this procedure can be frustrating and I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Best regards,

Alice C

Team Curve

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