Erroneous extra charge

I bought a thing. I paid through Paypal, with my Curve card as funding source. My Halifax card was selected at the time. The correct amount appears on Paypal. Curve took an extra transaction of almost £300 that also appears on my Halifax statement. So the money was taken for real, and ended up in Curve’s bank account.

I tried to complain. The app has some problem and doesn’t let me contact Curve. So I used their support email address. Although I heard back once from them, it’s now almost 2 weeks since last contact, and no resolution.

Beware. This could happen to you too. Check your Curve transactions.

Once this is resolved it’s goodbye Curve.

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Dispute the erroneous transaction with Halifax. It’s clearly the fault of Curve and not PayPal, thus Curve are liable.

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I hope that gets it sorted soon… please let us know how you get on.

Like many people here, I only use Curve for small amounts now, because of problems like this.

Have you tried calling the number on the back of you card to chase up what’s happening? Was it the same amount duplicated or a totally random different amount of money?

Thanks Dan. It’s simultaneously both good and disturbing to know I may not be alone with this experience of Curve.

Yes, I called them. After explaining the whole thing yet again, I was promised a call back. Instead I got a reply to my chase email of a week ago, saying they’re extremely busy and they’ll get back to me once their payment team has investigated.

The amount was entirely spurious. The transaction amount was £544.25. The extra amount was £253.92. Although the latter number is contained within the former, the relationship between the two is nebulous at best.

Incidentally, I preferred the original subject line for my post before you chose to sanitise it… it was actually more descriptive of what’s actually happened. If someone takes money from your pocket and put it in theirs without your authorisation, they’ve stolen it. This is stealing. Theft. If I hadn’t spotted it, they wouldn’t have owned up… not that they have anyway, because they’ve been mostly silent on the matter. And I shall now have to undergo a complete audit of all my Curve transactions to ensure it’s not happened elsewhere.

What’s more disturbing is how this has happened. Curve’s systems should never allow this kind of thing.

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OK thanks for the extra info. Your original post had been flagged so I changed the subject to try and keep it open for you.


Well thank you for that. :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about your issues, hope it gets sorted.

Customer Service response times seem truly appaling at the minute, and the “we are busy line” is weak at best. Their customer service is under resourced and it shows.

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In my experience, particularly through the Covid19 situation, companies which were great at customer service before are still great, whereas companies which were crap at it before use current circumstances as an excuse for being even more crap.

In Curve’s case, launching new services and then moaning about being terribly busy is just disingenuous. Don’t launch anything without appropriate resourcing.

As a software developer I’ve diagnosed the cause of the in-app ticketing problem they’ve never acknowledged which has been experienced by countless customers. It’s all to do with the authorisation on the Zendesk API. But unless they actually accept they’ve got a problem, they’ll never have a chance of fixing it. Meantime, reputations are vital for business, but such fragile things.


My experience of Curve is that their Customer Service level was originally excellent but has, in recent months, become slow and poor with messages taking “forever” to elicit a response.

Totally agree 100%

I had a similar issue recently - curve took multiple payments for the same Amazon order. Good news is that it’s likely after about a week it’ll be picked up and automatically refunded to your account, at least it was in my case.

Bad news is as mentioned, customer service times are TERRIBLE now. It took me 5 days for the first reply (on the second ticket, no acknowledgement on the first), and by the second reply the money was already back in my account.

Very similar issue here. I have a transaction for 6GBP on the Curve app but it’s showing up on my Halifax statement as 164GBP… unable to get through to customer services. Tempted to try the lost card line. Anyone had luck with that?