Erroneous Past Due Email?

Uhhh… What? I have a zero balance on my Curve Credit… Why did I get this email?


I just did too, has to be a mistake.

Hi friends, came here to see if others got this, too. I was not approved for an account a couple months back, but I got this email, too. So, to say I was surprised is an understatement. I’m grateful to know this isn’t just a me thing, but boy wasn’t the credit bureaus about to have a field day.

You can add me to the list. I called the only number I could find for them and left a message. Another community has members that have received the same email. I’m sure this is a mix-up, but this NEEDS to be resolved and emails sent to stop people cancelling their card.

It’s one thing when you have a method to contact, get a response and know you’re ok. It’s an entirely different thing to leave a message, send an email, tweet (seriously?), or send a FB message with zero idea if you’ll get a response. ESPECIALLY when you’re putting your credit on the line. This isn’t a good look for Curve. I like the card, but come on.

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Yeah I got the same thing. Definitely freaked me out for a second. Really not a good look. Hope they can resolve it sooner rather than later

Same here…not approved and then months later get this email kind of had me worried.

@vandy0419 You weren’t approved and received the same email? Wow, that is extremely concerning.

Just received an email explaining it was a mistake. Thanks Curve. But please consider some way of getting immediate – or near immediate support. Even a page that’s updated if there is a wide-spread issue that can be accessed by everyone would quell some of my concerns.


Confirmed mistake. Nothing like a little fun on a Friday afternoon.

“our team is always here to help” ?!?!?!?!?

Now THAT had me lmfao!!!

Surely they should have said, for the purposes of truth and honesty,

“Our (incredibly small) team is always (well,ok, occasionally) here to help… EVENTUALLY. Once you’ve finally got our attention. Soz.”