Error regarding exchange rates (£ to ¥)

I have an (a potential) issue with 2 transactions I made using my Curve card on 23rd July 2021.

Concerning the exchange rate of £ to ¥ (japanese Yen). As the attached screenshot shows, I made 5 transactions for loosely the same amount give or take… yet 3 of the transactions utilise an exchange rate of £1 = ¥152, whilst 2 of the transactions utilise £1 = ¥76. All 5 transactions were made within a 30 minute window

Is this correct? I understand the theory of a wholesale exchange rate, but I struggle to understand why 2/5 transactions are offering exactly half of the exchange rate, effectively costing me £30+ yet if I had processed the payment through PayPal using my curve card, I wouldn’t have seen this.

I’m new to curve, but is this normal?

A half/double exchange rate issue was also reported about one and a half year ago (but this was on ATM transactions not on purchase transactions):

For example here:


and here:

I believe all these reports however were only ‘display’ issues, so users were not charged incorrectly.
Is in your case only the rate/amount incorrectly displayed, or are you also actually charged the wrong amount on your underlying card?

To me it’s interesting, that looking at your screenshot, both incorrect transactions are apparently GBiT transactions.

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Hi, thanks for replying!

I’ll give those topics a read, I have definitely been charged the full amount seen on the spreadsheet.

I used GBiT yesterday on the 2 transactions as I wondered (foolishly) if it was an issue with the original card, as one is Credit, the card i changed too been debit.

I can’t actually GBiT on the other 3 transactions, I’m assuming that’s a simple case of them still been pending however?

Also, I have just checked, looking deeper into my accounts (Wish I had done this yesterday before using GBiT as I have probably just complicated this…) this was definitely a display issue, my original card had actually been charge the correct amount (£16.03 and £16.68). However, the card that I switch too via GBiT has now been charged the full amounts (£32.06 and £33.36)…

I’m hoping this will rectify itself, but who knows.

That’s indeed the case (not possible to use GBiT, because transactions are still pending). That was another thing that caught my eye; strange that such ‘old’ transactions are still pending.
These other 3 transactions don’t have this FX display issue? Though this is good news, this would be an unexplainable inconsistency to me.

I am of course hoping with you, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it doesn’t. GBiT seems to have turned the display issue into a charge issue.

It’s actually an incredibly odd situation, as I was digging yesterday evening it became apparent that only the 2 transactions showing the display issue where ever actually charged. Furthermore, they where charged 4 times, over a number of days - seemingly failing 3 times, and for whatever we reason they appear to of worked on Tues 3rd Aug.

It’s all very puzzling, I have sent a full summation to support of the issue. I’d rather be charged correctly for 5 transactions, than incorrectly for 2/5, especially if it helps uncover a bug

These transactions were made a long time ago, but as far as I remember my underlying cards were charged correctly, I would have contacted support for a refund if they weren’t.
Both of the transactions I posted in the bug report were indeed GBiT, however I have made many more foreign transactions since then, I could confirm the problem is only with ATM withdrawals, whether or not GBiT was used.
I don’t currently have a device with the app on with me, or I would attach more screenshots.
Many thanks