Error when add card


I tried to add a master card, number is 5110xxxxxxxx9779, but failed.

(master card, China, Chinese construction bank)

, but unfotunately most of them cannot be verified.
The full message is:

We couldn’t verify your card.
We were unable to verify your card at this time, please try again.
Try again.

I have tried and tried, but nothing happens.Any ideas how to overcome this?

Then asked the bank, they said it’s been approved by bank.

Could you please help me solve this?

Yours sincerely

Same here. I’m not part of curve neither support but can you disclose the country and the type of card. In my case, France, mastercard, fortuneo bank.

Thx for your reply. I’ve just updated the statement.

Curve is currently available to the UK and all 30 countries within the European Economic Area (EEA). + USA

China is not supported

OK but in my case france… and mastercard.

Not really, I added 9 Chinese cards successfully.

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then your luck has ended. china is NOT supported, be careful with support…

The most attractive point of curve is the ability to add Chinese cards for most users in the UK. You’re kidding me.


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i’m not kidding. you didn’t say a word about UK in your first post, it sounded like you’re a user in china and you try to add a chinese card from china

“Your first card must be the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) issued debit or credit card. You’re welcome to add non-EEA cards once you receive and activate your Curve card.”

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