Error when trying to access "Account" section

Hi Guys,

I’m coming to the forum as I’m getting a little frustrated with Curve Support. I’ve had a ticket open for a while and although there’s been a couple of IOS fixes, none have fixed this particular problem. Is anyone else facing this issue? (below)

@Curve_Marie - Are you aware of this issue below?

Curve App > Account “Error Something’s Gone Wrong … Please retry later” … When I go into top right hand option My Profile graphic - same error. Looks as if it cannot retrieve my account info. I have uninstalled the App and reinstalled TNA!

Strange thing is, that’s the latest IOS, but also have an Android Phone too, and it’s exactly the same error!

Anyone else?

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do on the forum to help. It’s not something I’ve seen any other reports of, but if anyone else has seen it please chip in.

Curve CS are the only ones that can help so if you’ve already emailed and had no reply after a week or so I can only suggest you try Twitter DM or if you have an urgent account issue that you are blocked from fixing site to this then phone them using the number on your card.

I’m having the same problem with unable to access the account part. I’m on the beta version of the app also and have submitted feedback.


Hi @ediflyer

I wasn’t really looking for a solution in the forum but just curious to know whether other users are affected.

Thank you for your feedback though.

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Hi @MrChagle
I had the same problem (iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.4.1).
I deleted and reinstalled the app and everything works fine now.
This will not delete all your cards and you won’t have to reverify them!

Give it a try.

Thank you for posting @MrChagle ! I’ve reported it to the team :bug:

Thanks for the feedback. I tried uninstalling / reinstalling a few time and still face the same issue.

Support are looking into it.

Out of interest, what was the solution to this? I have encountered the same problem on Android. I have tried to reinstall, delete data, clear cache etc

I’ve had the same problem for over 6 months. I joined the beta to see if the problem was fixed. I guess not!

My report is uploaded as “Bug report 2.28.0” under Bug Report heading. (Android 8)

Same problem for me.

I can’t use Curve app on iOS and Android.
Both are stuck with the account Tab… :sob:

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I’m having the same issue (Android). Could someone please pass to Support? *customer facing support not resolved this in over 6 months).

Important open question: are those of us with this problem, Curve Black Legacy customers, by any chance???

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@waseemmirza @kevin39 Hi guys, if you contact our support team via the support email - they can look into this for you. There are a few possible solutions they can try to fix this issue.

I am having the same issue, and I am a Curve Black legacy user

exactly. Why Curve continues to deny the problem exists, is a mystery.