Error when trying to validate email

I recently received an email to sign up for Curve. I was pretty excited, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get past the email validation page. I get the emails but when I click on the link or paste the link into a browser I get an error.

I have resent the email multiple times but can not move forward.

I didn’t see anything on the twitter page about any ongoing issues and while the error does comes up with a search it is from earlier this year with no other posts about it since. Any ideas guys?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to use the service soon!

This isn’t an answer (directly) to your question, but my email still says needs validation and I don’t see a way to do it, so I must have used my phone and text to do the initial sign up. Unfortunately since that is a one time thing I do not recall how I did that.

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Hey @cynojien, welcome to the Community! I don’t recognise the issue you’re describing so it seems that it must be affecting a limited number of users. Have you tried interacting with the link through a separate browser as this can sometimes resolve issues with links not working correctly?

Have you also been in touch with our US team by emailing them at yet?