Essentials plan

It might be nice if you offered an essentials plan that included…

  • 1% cashback at 3 premium retailers of your choice
  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange*

At a lower free (say £5/month) which i think would appeal to many. The problem with the other benefits (with the exception to the metal card which is it’s own thing) is that they don’t enhance your platform and feel more like padding than things of value.

I totally agree with that plan, I’ll definitely leave the black legacy to this plan!


This would also be a great plan for people living in countries where the insurance does not apply (yet). Those people are now paying €9,99/month (subscription Black) for exactly what you are describing, which in my opinion is clearly too much. €5/month would be fairer.


They have been missold, if that is the case

Before the introduction of Curve Cash but after the introduction of subscriptions, people from countries, where insurance does not apply, were even paying €9,99/month for subscription Black for just the increased limits (compared to Curve Blue).

Could not agree more. Honestly, if I were Curve I’d put a low spending cap on the free plan, and have a small monthly fee (<£5) for the full spending limits and unlimited fee-free forex. I realise that wouldn’t be popular amongst a lot of people, but I do want them to be able to build a sustainable company.

Personally, I’d be happy to pay a small monthly fee for Curve as I find the service useful, but I really can’t justify paying the metal/black fees for a few pennies in cashback and a metal card in return.

Yep, agreed. Curve should be trying to build on what makes them unique, not emulating what every big bank does (packaging insurance with other products).


The free offering from curve is already extremely generous and a product I enjoyed for a couple of months.

I upgraded to metal because I wanted to support their product and not so much about the offerings. I have multiple company and personal cards and curve had already been a lifesaver. I wish I could use my Amex cards and Apple Pay and I hope they bring those features on board soon.

I hope curve has enough customers thinking that way. As if they don’t they will probably not survive. What they offer for free is clearly sponsored by them and they do it to grow and get customers in their system.

What do you consider generous? Ignoring what you can get for free elsewhere, they offer all your cards in one and go back in time which are basically what the whole business was built on…hardly generous. They are not doing it out of the goodness of their own heart. I get they need to make money and that’s what subscriptions are for, but they have to provide something extra for people to part with their money.

I really really hope Curve doesn’t have more customers that think like you do! It’s dangerous!

People willing to pay £15 every month for nothing more than what the free curve blue offers…That gives them no incentive to innovate or improve the product they are offering for the subscription tiers and effectively makes them answerable to no one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love curve. The concept is awesome and I really hope the product/service will evolve to become everything they and we want it to be, but I’m not going going to give a company I owe nothing, money for nothing of value to me in return.

As per this thread, people would be willing to pay a lower amount for the basic package plus higher limits. Now that to me seems like the perfect compromise.