EU BIN numbers for METAL

Hi, will Curve Metal ever have EU BIN numbers?
I am a metal user but am still unable to use my Metal card with some German online retailers (Apple) and am forced to use another card which, IMO, defeats the purpose of having Curve.
I flagged this nearly a year ago and had been told it was “in the works”, can you give some kind of time frame?

Already the case. You can contact support if you still have a card with a UK BIN and would like to have a country specific one.

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Die Curve Metal mit UK-BIN kann man auch bei Apple nutzen…

Thanks for this, ironic they never contacted me about this since I’ve been with CS for over a year asking,

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Not if you try to ser Curve as your main payment method for you Apple account.
You always get a “payment method not accepted in Germany” message

Einfach Apple Pay als Hauptzahlungsmethode auswählen.

Thanks Markus,
I use Curve metal with Apple Pay every day.
I am talking about using Curve metal as payment for my Apple Account - not with Apple Pay (there is a difference :wink: Trying to use Curve METAL does not work due to the fact my curve metal does not have a EEA BIN.
I used to have Curve Black which worked but Apple rejects Curve Metal as “not valid in Germany”

Es spielt doch keine Rolle, ob ich die Curve Card oder Apple Pay via Curve Card als Zahlungsmethode bei Apple hinterlege. In beiden Fällen wird die Zahlung über die Curve Card durch geführt.

I just tired entering my Curve Metal number as preferred payment method for my Apple Account found at the account linked to my iCloud account and got this error message:

“The credit card you entered is not valid in Germany. Please provide a valid credit card for Germany.”

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

To be clear this is NOT Apple Pay! I can use Curve on Apple Pay without any issue. I am speaking of the main Apple Account - Apple does not recognise Curve Metal with its UK BIN. Apple requires a EEA BIN in order to use Curve as my billing credit card.
Curve - PLEASE HELP or revert me back to Black which - oddly worked fine!

Nobody can help you here. You should contact customer service to get a new, DE BIN card.

Appreciate that, I did and they just did too. New card with EEA BIN arriving soon :smiley:
Thanks and best, hope you stay safe and healthy.

I have a Metal-Card with UK-BIN myself. And exactly this card is linked to my Apple account as payment method with billing address. Even in the Apple Store in Cologne I was asked whether I wanted to pay with the card deposited in my Apple account.

Good for you :slight_smile: you have aMetal Card with EEA BIN :slight_smile:

What does it say? Just shake your head !!!

what’s the first 6 digits of your card? what you show is not a uk bin, or at least it doesn’t prove anything

5375 9005 and Apple Pay selected as the payment method in my Apple account.

Mod note - I’ve removed the images and comments with the last 4 digits of the card

of course you can use apple pay as payment method with whatever card. but you couldn’t add a card to your apple account directly if bin doesn’t match your country

But at some point my UK-BIN card was linked to my Apple ID / account by magic.