EU cards in dollar

Why are cards for UE being charged by default um dollar and why there are no warnings about that when you make you account or when a card is sent?

I even think the rewards in £ for most EU isn’t kind already, but dollars??? Why dollars and why not a warning???

First time I hear of it. Just wondering, would it have anything to do with your phone configuration? Have a look to see if you have it in American-English and with the US in the regional settings. Have a look also on the configuration of your underlying card, you can tell Curve app what currency each card is based on.

Actually the issues (or at least complaints) with wrong currency being used is the tendency to be everything in GBP.


I found this support topic:

But its seems to happen because the card numbers is really identified as a dollar card.

I made my first PayPal buy and it charged me in $… And got me 6€ more in exchanges. It made no sense at all to me.