EUR card payment is declined (, Binance)

I’ve been trying to pay with my Curve card for a week already and it gets declined everytime.

Underlying cards I’ve been using:

  • Binance
    Currency: EUR
    Payment currency: CZK, USD…

When I use other cards with other currency (CZK), the payment goes through without a problem.
When I use Binance or card via Google Pay, the payment goes though without any problem as well.

There seems to be something wrong with Curve service.

Hi @gordonline,

take a look at terms and conditions. Based on them you cannot use Curve card for paying for cryptocurrencies.


There is paying for/buying cryptocurrency with your Curve card and using a ‘crypto’ card as underlying card on Curve as @gordonline is trying to do. I have a card as well and used it today with no problem as underlying card as I paid in a store with my Curve card (but it was paying in EUR with an EUR card).


Did you add a virtual card but later got issued with the physical card? If yes you will need to remove the virtual and add the physical card details since they may have different cvv and expiry date as was my case.

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Did you try any other underlying card? :credit_card: It looks to me your Curve Card/account might get temporarily blocked and you might need to contact Curve support… :man_shrugging: This happens sometimes and Curve will require some additional personal info from you. :bookmark_tabs: Visa Card works great for CZK payments with my Curve Card. :+1:

Of course I did, see the Google Pay part?

Hi @gordonline

I am not sure what could be your issue due to. Have you contacted support?

As @poeliev mentioned a few days ago, I have used my card yesterday without any issue.

In the end, it was a simple “You’ve used a bad CVV too many times so we blocked your card” issue.

Of course, there was no way of finding about it than to contact support.
The card works now.

Curve team should really work on the error notices.


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