Euro and other currency users getting stiffed

Curve really showed the middle finger to € or any other currency user thats not £. Also no answers about this, not even one noting that they are working on it. We are the last on the totem pole. And it makes you wonder what happenes when something goes wrong for example you get charged twice and you need to ask curve to fix it, will they help? Or if your product never comes and you need to do a chargeback, will curve help and does it always go to curve cash where you have to pay their currency convertion, and basically its stuck there until you use it and how do you use it all at once.

Not happy, and really not happy about transparancy, sure you got the refunds back but because these questions are not being answered i have lost trust.

Edit: Many of the questions are answered. Didin’t realize you had to click them to see the answers. Still sucks because how do you use the money, need a calculator to get it right… A real annoying headache hope they fix it.

It’s a temporary fix after a huge interruption - they already said they’re working on resolving this. Calm down and have some patience

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Says the investor with a leave EU picture.

Well as the person still in the EU using € who has read the updates i can tell you no answeres for

  • Can I postpone the refund until i can receive it on my payment card?
  • Can I decide what currency my Curve Cash is in?
  • Will Curve Cash only be available in GBP and would I have to pay any exchange fee to Curve or my bank?
  • If I bought something in a currency other than GBP, will I have to accept the refund in GBP when it lands onto my Cash card?
  • Can I have several Curve Cash pots for different currencies?

So no they have not.

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I understand your annoyance and you certainly have my most sincere sympathies in regards to your location. My card isn’t even working right now, but this is all very new.

I am confident Curve will clarify things shortly but we can’t expect any company to totally rebuild their payment infrastructure and have everything ready immediately.

It’s obvious this isn’t sustainable long term and that Curve are going to remedy this ASAP. What other option is there right now than patience? None

Transparency and communication. Sometimes silence speaks the loudest.

So how about they take 5 minutes to answer these questions while they work on the problems, otherwise we will assume this is not being worked on. And it reflects badly on the company, maybe it’s a small % of users who have the problem with wirecard refunds so they do not care.

As an investor you should be demanding the same answers instead of blindly defending as this is not a good look for the company.

It’s not good enough, of course and I’m not quite sure what you keep referring to but they literally had their entire payments infrastructure demolished and rebuilt over the past week or so.

If your questions are urgent, reach out to CurveHelp on Twitter and they’ll make sure your email is addressed ASAP.

They’ve already said they are working on it or at least planning to find a solution. I think you have missed some updates, as most of your questions have already been answered.

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